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Institutional, corporate and library subscribers to Lyell Collection content - welcome! If you're looking for more information about the Lyell Collection and the journals and book series contained within, or tools to help you promote it to your students or colleagues then you're in the right place! 

More information can be found below, and look out for the helpful downloads and marketing resources on the right.

The Geological Society offers a range of subscription and access options for institutions, corporations and libraries subscribing to the journals we publish. Please contact us if you require a multi-site or global access license.

Standard subscription rates for 2022

Please email us with any queries and questions - our staff are working remotely and will attend to your query as soon as possible.

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Online journals

The six current Lyell Collection journals are electronic by default and the online version is the version of record. Journals can be purchased as online subscriptions giving subscribers online access to all published content including the deep archive. *From 2021 the 4 journals published or co-published by the Geological Society of London are online only.

  • Journal of the Geological Society (JGS)*
  • Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology & Hydrogeology (QJEGH)*
  • Petroleum Geoscience (PG)*
  • Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysis (GEEA)*
  • Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society (PYGS)
  • Scottish Journal of Geology (SJG)

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Online + Print Journals

Subscribers can add print copies of Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society or the Scottish Journal of Geology published during the subscription year to their online subscription for an additional fee. 

Lyell Collection Complete options

  • Lyell Collection Complete Online includes online access to all of the current and archived journals plus Special Publications, Engineering Geology Special Publications, Geological Society Memoirs, Petroleum Geology Conferences, together with the historic collections of Transactions of the Geological Society, Transactions of the Geological Society of Glasgow and Transactions of the Edinburgh Geological Society.
  • Lyell Collection Complete Online + Special Publications Print includes online access as above to current and archived journals and books plus print copies of the Special Publications published in the subscription year.

A subscription to either Lyell Collection Complete package includes online access to all Accepted Manuscripts and Online First articles published in the journals and Special Publications ahead of final issue or volume publication. Perpetual access to Online First articles is available if the final volume is published within the subscribed-to calendar year.

The Lyell Collection Complete package is recommended by the Geological Society. It has been priced to include all content at a rate which is discounted compared to the purchase of individual components.

Special Publications

All Special Publication volumes are available online on payment of an annual subscription fee (for the Special Publications alone, or as part of Lyell Collection Complete). An online + print option is also available.

Special Publications Archive

It is also possible to purchase Special Publication archives of volumes 1 to 450 outright for a one-off fee allowing perpetual access.

450 volumes are available in five separate archives (Volumes 1 to 100, 101 to 200, 201 to 300, 301 to 400 or 401 to 450). Volumes 1 to 300 or 1 to 400 are also available to purchase as an archive.

The archives are hosted on the Geological Society’s Lyell Collection, and there is no annual maintenance charge. A list of the Special Publication titles in the various archives can be downloaded here.

Journal of the Geological Society Archive

All JGS volumes are available online on payment of an annual subscription fee (for Journal of the Geological Society alone, or as part of Lyell Collection Complete). It is also possible to purchase content published from 1845 to 2007 outright for a one-off fee allowing perpetual access.

The JGS Archive (1845-2007) includes over 17,000 articles and comprises over 150 years of geoscience research, including historically important content from many eminent scientists. Access the very earliest geological research from the greats such as Darwin, Murchison and Buckland to modern cutting edge research from an international field of authors. It is also possible to purchase archives of selected years outright for a one-off fee allowing perpetual access.

The content published from 1845 to 2007 can be purchased as one archive or three separate archives (JGS Archive part 1: 100 Years of Geology (1845-1945); JGS Archive part 2 (1945-1986); JGS Archive part 3 (1987-2007).

How to subscribe

Please contact us to discuss subscription options including Lyell Collection Complete packages, Special Publications or individual journals.

Pre-payment is required on all orders. Once your payment details have been accepted you will be provided with instructions to activate your online access.

Read and Publish

Consortia are invited to contact us to discuss Read and Publish agreements for Lyell Collection Complete. Please see Read and Publish and discounted Open Access for authors for more information and current Gold Open Access fees.
GSL offers Read and Publish transitional agreements for 2021 through JISC (for UK HE institutions) and to CAUL members in Australia and New Zealand.

We are a founding member of The Society Publishers’ Coalition (SocPC); a group of like-minded, not-for-profit learned societies, community publishers and charities who share the common ambition to see an orderly and sustainable transition to open scholarship. Our Read & Publish agreements follow the following principles:

Society Publishers' Coalition Unlimited Open Access

MARC records and KBART records

MARC records are available for all book series available on the Lyell Collection. KBART records are available for all journal, book series and monographs available on the Lyell Collection. MARC records and KBART files are now also added to the WorldCat® knowledge base regularly to ensure the latest content selections are available to aid discoverability. Please see the list of available files here.


We aim to make our online journal and book content accessible to all our visitors and improvements to the site are made on an ongoing basis. Our commitment to this endeavour reflects the growing customer need for accessibility to our content in order to best support the science and communities we serve. You can find out more here.

License terms

The Geological Society has adopted the SERU (Shared E-Resources Understanding) approach. Please see terms of use for libraries and institutions for more information. GSL does not issue or require the agreement of a formal license for institutional access to the Lyell Collection. Payment of subscription or archive fees (direct or via an agent) implies acceptance of SERU. Corporate subscribers should contact the Geological Society for a quote and a description of any specific license terms.

Open Access articles

 The Geological Society offers authors the opportunity to publish Open Access articles which are free to all and designated by an Open Access logo. 

 These articles are published under the terms of the CC-BY license.

Transparent pricing 

GSL publications are hybrid and include both Open Access (OA) and paywalled content. GSL has implemented a transparent pricing policy to ensure that we do not receive both an article processing charge (APC) and subscription income for OA articles in our journals and book series. 

To arrive at pricing for 2022 we calculated the number of non-OA articles over a 3-year rolling period. The percentage change between the periods 2017-2019 and 2018-2020 was used to offset prices prior to any price adjustment in relation to inflation and other economic factors. We chose to use a 3-year period to help iron out short-term fluctuations in content publishing and we cap any changes at +/-10%. For the purposes of this calculation, any OA articles where the APC was waived were counted as non-OA.

Each year we will publish the percentages and article counts on our website. The figures used for the 2022 subscription prices are shown below. 

Transparent pricing table 2022

For 2022, the transparent pricing calculation indicates that the volume of non-OA content is increasing in the majority of titles and a price increase is justified. Whilst this transparent pricing formula justifies a price increase of over 10% in some cases, GSL has capped the 2021/2022 subscription rate increase at 4%.

Perpetual access to subscribed-to content

Subscribers can have perpetual access to their subscribed-to content published in final volume form (from 2008). For example a subscriber for the years 2010 – 2021 who does not renew for 2022 would receive perpetual access to the content published from 2010 - 2021, on request, but would not receive access to Online First articles which were not published in final volume form by 31 December 2021.

Subscriptions prior to 2008 do not entitle subscribers to access Lyell-hosted past content. Before 2008 the print copy was the version of record and electronic access was a free add-on. Electronic access was discontinued when a subscription lapsed.


Individual articles are available using pay-per-view.

Digital preservation

  GSL has partnered with CLOCKSS to ensure the digital preservation of Lyell Collection content for the future.

Access for Developing Countries

 Approved institutions and NGOs in developing countries may be eligible for free access under a scheme run by the International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP). Eligible countries are listed here.

Usage statistics

Please see the Lyell Collection FAQs page for a list of usage report links and instructions.

JUSP for the UK HE and FE sector - Track your usage with JUSP - the Journals Usage Statistics Portal. JUSP gives librarians in the UK HE and FE sector a simple way of analysing the value and impact of their electronic journal subscriptions through accurate and comparable usage statistics. JUSP saves academic libraries time and duplicated effort by providing a single gateway for them to access their usage statistics from participating publishers.

HighWire Administrator Toolbox - Usage statistics for all journals published by the Geological Society are available from the Highwire Administrator Toolbox

Administrators can:

  • Generate COUNTER usage reports.
  • Establish SUSHI feeds.

What is SUSHI? 

Using the Standardized Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiative (SUSHI) protocol HighWire hosted journal COUNTER reports are available. To harvest these statistics you need to set up an account on the HighWire Portal.


Special Publications, Engineering Geology Special Publications, Geological Society Memoirs and the Petroleum Geology Conferences are already online with the Lyell Collection, but from July 2014 a selected number of books (including some not previously available electronically) are included in the GeoScienceWorld eBook Collection which is designed for institutional purchase. To find out more about the GSW eBook Collection and to discuss a trial contact

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