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Accreditation of Company Training Schemes

Accredited Training Schemes

The following company training schemes have been accredited by the Geological Society.

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An objective set by the Council of the Geological Society of London in its ten-year strategy adopted in January 2007 is to assure high professional standards by among other things promoting, endorsing and providing training, guidance and CPD (including professional development leading to Chartership). To that end the Society recognises the achievement of professional competence through the award of Chartered Geologist and Chartered Scientist status.

The Geological Society presently offers Endorsement for Company Training Schemes whereby it informally recognises that a company scheme provides an opportunity for participants to gain the core skills, experience and competencies necessary for either pathway to Chartership (CGeol or CSci). The Society now wishes to raise the profile and status of professional qualifications in the geosciences by offering formal accreditation of appropriate employment-based training schemes.

The Accredited Company Training Scheme will be a partnership between the Geological Society of London and the participating companies to produce an increased number of professionally qualified individuals who work in the field of geoscience. It addresses the need for structured training following graduation, at the critical stage in a person’s career during which he/she makes the transition from graduation to becoming a professional whose competence is assessed on the basis of experience gained.  

Professional context

Accreditation of Company Training Schemes extends the Geological Society’s engagement with formal professional development. The Society now accredits almost all UK and some overseas undergraduate programmes, and a small number of MSc programmes. Participation in an accredited degree programme or an Accredited Company Training Scheme offers the opportunity for suitably experienced candidates to be eligible to apply for Chartered status earlier than others, because accredited training is designed to optimise the acquisition of professional skills and experience.

With an appropriate combination of accredited degree and an Accredited Company Training Scheme, a candidate would be eligible to apply for Chartership four years after graduation, provided he/she had gained sufficient breadth of experience and satisfied the expectations of experienced Sponsors.



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