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Megalosaurus Month 2024

February 2024 was Megalosaurus Month at The Geological Society; a festival celebrating the 200th anniversary of the first scientific description of a non-avian dinosaur by our very own former president and first Oxford Professor of Geology, William Buckland (1784-1856). His paper “Notice on the Megalosaurus or great Fossil Lizard of Stonesfield" was presented at a meeting of the Geological Society on 20 February 1824. 

We celebrated this important moment in the history of science with an exhibition based around a replica Megalosaurus skeleton, hosted in our Upper Library.

Accompanying the Megalosaurus was a plethora of dino-related activities across the month, in which we welcomed over 3,200 people into our historic Burlington House building. 

Each day saw something new as activities appealed to a range of interests and age-levels. From lino-printing workshops and life drawing classes, half-term children’s activities and school’s workshops, a recreation of Buckland’s teaching room from Oxford University, networking receptions for students and an incredibly popular Public Lecture that saw more than 500 people register - it was a month to remember! 

Click through each picture below to read more about each activity and find out future opportunities to get involved! 

  A close-up photo of someone drawing our Megalosaurus skeleton replica
  A close-up photo of the wall in our William Buckland room replica

Dino Discovery Zone
and School Workshops

  Life (Death) Drawing Classes   A Re-enactment:
Buckland's Teaching Room


Student Networking
  Public Lecture   Lino Print Workshop