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Lyell Collection migration FAQs

The Geological Society is pleased to announce the migration of our journal and book content (the Lyell Collection) to the Atypon platform. The Atypon platform enables us to present the same high quality content you would expect from the Geological Society, with improved functionality and improved user experience.

If you have any questions contact us at any time please contact us by email.

When is the move happening?
July 2022

Keep up to date 

We will contact Lyell access administrators throughout the migration process to keep you informed, you can also contact us at any time by email. To update your access administrator contact details, please email us with the name, organisation and email address.

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Page contents
The migration
Access and Authentication
Usage reports
End Users
New URLs


Why is the Lyell Collection moving to a new platform?
The Lyell Collection will be moving to the Atypon platform in order to offer an improved user experience and maximise the discoverability of our journal and book content for the Earth science community.

What benefits will the move to the Atypon publishing platform offer?
The move will result in enhancements to the user experience, discoverability, accessibility and admin functionality.

Will there be any changes to browser support, accessibility, mobile access?
There will be no changes to browser support and mobile access. Accessibility to all our websites is very important to us and the move will offer several accessibility improvements.

The new platform will be optimised for supported modern browsers. If you are currently using Internet Explorer we encourage you to upgrade to Edge, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari (for Mac users) for a better user experience.

When is the move going to happen?
The move is scheduled for Summer 2022. We will provide a more accurate date nearer the time.

How will my library and my users be affected?
We aim to offer a smooth transition for all our customers and users. We are contacting our stakeholders well in advance, keeping them informed of any details, and more importantly, any actions that some of our user groups may need to take.

We will inform our customers about the schedule and any actions they need to take. If you would like to receive emails about the migration, please contact

Who to contact should you have a question about the impact on your library
Please send us an email.

New features
The new platform will offer the community an enhanced set of features and functions.

Migration checklist for librarians available here

Users’ ability to engage with the content should not be affected.

Is there anything I need to do to ensure continuity?
To ensure continuity and the best possible user experience, libraries are encouraged to make updates to URLs used in library catalogues, discovery tools and hyperlinks. We are working with our discovery partners to ensure that they are also updating their links, but libraries are responsible for some links, including their own locally held knowledge bases. Redirects may not work with these services and so we urge libraries to update them. A URL crosswalk list of the old and new URLs for each publication homepage and KBART files will be available at launch from the HOLDINGS section of the administrator dashboard. Please see the table below for the URL structure for each journal that will appear in the KBART file.

When will the MARC records and KBART files be updated?
MARC records will be updated and available on The Geological Society website before launch. KBART files will be updated and available on The Geological Society website before launch and also on The new Atypon Lyell Collection website at launch.

Will there be any changes to DOIs?
No changes will be made to the DOIs that GSL has published, but the DOI records will be updated to reflect the new location where the content is hosted. CrossRef will be provided with the new domain structure so that the DOIs direct users to the correct page immediately. Any short-term delays at Crossref will be covered by the permanent redirects implemented as part of the migration.

Do I need to do anything to ensure seamless access for my users?
You will need to update any referring URLs, proxy settings and Wayfless URLs as they will need endpoint changes to the new domains.

Will there be any changes to off-campus access?
For off-campus access, Atypon supports federated access via Shibboleth and OpenAthens, as well as  Campus Activated Subscriber Access (CASA).

Who can I contact if I have a question?
Please send an email to

The migration

Will there be any interruption of service?
No, there should not be any interruption to the service if updates to your knowledge base and library catalogues are made when we move platforms. However, we recommend that at launch libraries check that access and links are working and report any problems to us at as soon as possible. There may be some limited downtime when we migrate to the new site. This will be planned for a low-usage period to minimize any impact on users.

How does the move to a new platform impact linking from reading lists, bookmarked links, OPACs, etc?
We are making every effort to move the site over in a way that does not disrupt service or impact our customers. Please let us know by emailing if you find a broken link.

Permanent redirects will be in place, but we recommend updating links to the new structure as soon as possible.

When is the earliest we can switch the links to the new URL structure? Will there be a period of dual running or do we have to switch on one day to ensure continuity?
There will not be dual running, the old URLs will stop working on 20 July. You will need to update the URL structure on or after that date.  If there are any changes to the schedule, we will let you know.

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Which third parties have you informed about the platform move?
We have been in touch with many organizations, such as CrossRef (including Crossmark and Fundref), Clarivate (Web of Science), Scopus, ProQuest, EBSCO, CCC and others. We are also working with OCLC to ensure EZproxy stanza changes are made as needed. We will provide further updates as work progresses. If there are specific services you have questions about, please email us at

We have also informed CLOCKSS, Digital Science, GeoRef, Google Scholar and Researcher App so they can update their knowledgebases and discovery tools.

How will knowledge bases and discoverability services be affected? Do I need to do anything about this?
Knowledge bases should be updated by the service owners as we are actively working with discovery services and link resolvers including EBSCO, OCLC, ProQuest/Ex Libris), and Google Scholar to make sure that library OPACs seamlessly resolve access to The Lyell Collection content on the new platform.

However, if you do not see the updated links please check around the time of migration and talk to your discovery service account manager. If you hold your knowledge base locally you may need to make these changes yourself. Please report broken links to us as soon as you find them, making a note of the discovery service you have used.

Will I need to update my RSS Feed?
Yes you will. As our URLs are changing, the original RSS feeds will no longer feed to your RSS reader. You can set up new RSS feeds once the new pages are live.

Will COUNTER usage reports be available on the new platform?
Atypon is COUNTER-compliant, and so usage will be available going forward. For historical usage we encourage users to download any usage data they may require in advance of the move to Atypon.

Will we be able to access legacy usage reports on the Atypon (new) platform?
If you wish to preserve any COUNTER 5 usage data from the current platform (hosted by Highwire), you will need to download your usage reports prior to 20 July 2022 from the current site. Once the new platform (hosted by Atypon) is live, usage data will be captured by Atypon and will be available through its institutional admin tool. Usage data from 2014 the Highwire platform will be available on the new platform in by quarter 4 2022.

Do we need to download usage stats on the existing platform?
We recommend that you download historic COUNTER 5 usage reports from our existing journal platform in advance of the migration. You will be able to access legacy usage reports until the date of migration.

I am an account administrator for an institution. What things can I manage via the institutional account dashboard?
You will be able to pull usage reports, manage administrators, update IP addresses, configure link resolvers, manage your institutional logo and banner, and more. Further details will be provided just prior to launch and also once we have launched.

I currently have multiple administrative accounts for Lyell Collection content. Will this change on the new platform?
For institutions with multiple accounts, our customer service team is working to consolidate accounts and will be reaching out to you over the next several months. If you have not heard from us by July 1  2022, please email and start the subject line with “GSL Consolidation.”

Will I have the same Lyell Collection subscriber number?

Yes, subscriber numbers will stay the same, however, if your institution has multiple accounts, they will be consolidated under one account number.

Will my platform administrator username and password change?
All users will log into the new platform using an email address and password. Existing usernames will no longer work. Instructions on how to log in will become available closer to the migration date.

Do we need to download usage stats on the existing platform?
We recommend that you download historic COUNTER 5 usage reports from our existing journal platform in advance of the migration. You will be able to access legacy usage reports until the date of migration

Click on the relevant link below for details. If you are a Lyell Collection Complete subscriber (or subscribe to more than one journal) select any of the usage links and login using your administrator username and password. You will then be able to view your usage across the site for the all the journals, book series and transactions in one report.

Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysis

Geological Society, London, Engineering Geology Special Publications

Geological Society, London, Memoirs

Geological Society, London, Petroleum Geology Conference Series

Geological Society, London, Special Publications

Journal of the Geological Society

Journal of Micropalaeontology

Petroleum Geoscience

Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society

Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology

Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society

Scottish Journal of Geology

Transactions of the Geological Society of London

Transactions of the Geological Society of Glasgow

Transactions of the Edinburgh Geological Society

Access and Authentication

What about WAYFless URLs?
You will be able to create WAYFless URLs. available soon

What about my proxy settings?
If you use EZprozy, the stanza will need to be updated. You can update this on migration day, but it is also possible to add the new hostname to the stanza before the migration day, as long as you do not remove the existing hostnames. This can be done by inserting the new URLs into the existing stanza. Institutional administrators will be able to set up proxy settings by accessing the institutional account dashboard and choosing ‘Trusted proxy server setup’ in the left-hand column.

Will I need to make any changes to the Shibboleth/OpenAthens set up?
While you will need to set up your Shibboleth and OpenAthens access (please feel free to email for assistance), Literatum (Atypon hosting platform name) does support Shibboleth name/value pairs for SAML2 protocols.

Please review this list of Shibboleth Federations that the Lyell Collection will support at launch.
· ACOnet Identity Federation (Austria)
· Australian Access (Australia)
· COFRE (Chile)
· DFN-AAI (Germany)
· eduID (Czech Republic)   
· Federación Universidad del Bio-Bio (Chile)
· Gakunin (Japan)
· HEAL-Link (Greece)
· HEAnet Edugate (Ireland)
· IDEM (Italy)
· InCommon (US)
· OpenAthens
· RCTSaai (Portugal)
· RedIRIS (Spain)
· RENATER (France)
· SURF (Netherlands)
· SWITCH (Switzerland)
· UK Federation

Send an email if your federation is not listed, so that we can pursue enabling it.
We are working closely with Atypon to import the current IDs, federations and affiliations for existing Shibboleth users.

End Users

Will users need to create a new account?
No, end users will not have to create a new account. Institutional users will need to activate their account. An email will be sent to institutional users with instructions on how to activate their account.

Will email alerts  be migrated?
Alerts for eTOCs and content are being migrated so users will continue to receive the alerts for which they have signed up. If at any point you wish to change your alerts you will be asked to register on the site.

Will alerts for citations or corrections or saved searches be migrated?
Alerts for Citations and Corrections are not being migrated. Searches and passwords will not be migrated.

Will articles purchased using pay-per-view still be accessible?
Anything purchased on the Highwire platform will no longer be accessible following launch, however, please contact us at and we will resolve any access issues as a result of the migration.

What is the URL of the new platform?

The umbrella page URL will remain the same:

Each journal and book series URL will change from the launch date as below. All content URLs will be re-directed automatically.

Journal of the Geological Society
Current URL:
New URL:
Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology
Current URL:
New URL:
Petroleum Geoscience
Current URL:
New URL:
Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysis
Current URL:
New URL:
Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society
Current URL:
New URL:
Scottish Journal of Geology
Current UR:
New URL:
Special Publications
Current URL:
New URL:
Current URL:
New URL:
Engineering Geology Special Publications
Current URL:
New URL:
Petroleum Geology Conference series
Current URL:
New URL:
Historic content
Journal of Micropalaeontology (1982 - 2017)
Current URL:
New URL:
Transactions of the Geological Society of London
New URL:
Transactions of the Edinburgh Geological Society
Current URL:
New URL:
Transactions of the Geological Society of Glasgow
Current URL:
New URL:

The Lyell Collection