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Schools Geology Challenge

Our 2022 winners and runners-up

schools geology challenge 2022 winners and judges

 2022 winners
Wells Cathedral School
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 2022 runners-up
Henrietta Barnett School
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 2022 runners-up
Sutton Grammar School
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On 24 March, students from 10 schools across the country joined us in Burlington House to compete in the final of the 2022 Schools Geology Challenge. It was an extra special event this year, being our first in-person final since 2019. We also launched a brand new format where students went head-to-head in a problem solving challenge and had to present their findings to a panel of judges.

Our 2022 winners were Wells Cathedral School, so huge congratulations to them! Two newcomers to the competition shared the runners-up prize - Sutton Grammar School and Henrietta Barnett School. Well done to both of them too! Finally, we’d like to thank our fantastic judges - Wesley Dixon, Emily Imrie and Prof Chris Jackson.

Here are a few photos of the day (just click on them to enlarge):


The National Schools Geology Challenge is now CLOSED and will be back in 2023!

The National Schools Geology Challenge is a competition where students showcase their interest in geology, learn more about the way geoscience impacts our lives, and put their teamwork and presentation skills to the test!

Participants don’t have to study geology to enter – the competition is open to any interested students who are currently studying geology, geography or science A-levels (England/Wales/Northern Ireland), or Advanced Highers (Scotland).

How to enter:

The competition runs in two stages: the Qualifiers and the Final.

In order to enter the competition, students need to make a submission to the Qualifiers. Their submission should fit the competition brief, and be uploaded via the Society website. Entries will be marked by a panel of judges. 

The 10 highest-scoring entries will be invited to the Final, where they will complete a problem-solving challenge in their teams. Teams who make it to the Final will be able to attend either in person at Burlington House, or virtually via Zoom. If students can come in person, the Geological society can reimburse up to £700 for travel.

For full details on how to enter, please see the competition rules.


For the Qualifiers, we would like you to:

1. Choose a geoscience topic.

2. Present that topic for an online audience.

3. Submit your entry via the website

Submissions will be judged according to:

• Their scientific content and accuracy (50%)

• How effectively the topic is communicated to the audience (25%)

• Their creativity (25%)

For more detailed information, please check out the competition brief.

Get inspired by checking out previous entries:

Paleomagnetism by The Alice Smith School

Rock squad by Reading Blue Coat School

Tepius by The Joseph Wright Centre Derby College


The final will involve a problem solving activity about geology and its real world applications. The activity will be explained at the final, but students will be testing their analytic and teamwork skills, and presenting to a panel of judges.

Why enter the Challenge?

The competition gives pupils the chance to explore a geoscience topic for themselves, and present it in an interesting way. Those who make it to the Final will be able to meet peers with an interest in Geology, professionals who currently work in geoscience careers, and gain valuable problem-solving skills whilst learning about the ways geology weaves into our everyday lives. Of course, there are also some amazing prizes up for grabs!


Competition winners will receive:
  • A trophy
  • A certificate for each team member
  • £200 to use towards geoscience education in their school
  • A year’s Fellowship to the Geological Society
The team which places as runner up will receive:
  • A certificate for each team member
  • £100 to use towards geoscience education in their school

Need help?

If you have any questions about the competition, please contact

Our 2021 Winners - The Alice Smith School

two girls sat in front of a laptop

India Kolb and Emily Chong, from the Alice Smith School, had this to say about their experience:

" We came across the National Schools Geology Challenge, whilst searching for ways to broaden our geological knowledge within practical applications. The two of us had just finished our mock examinations and we thought that this would be a great opportunity to stretch ourselves outside of our geography A-Level. As we both enjoyed physical geography, we decided to submit a video explaining paleomagnetism. We were absolutely thrilled to have been selected into the final 10, yet slightly nervous as this was our schools first time competing.

During the final, we faced an applied geological problem-solving challenge, where we had to choose a location to build a hydropower dam for a sustainable future, using the resources provided, paired with our own geographical knowledge. We initially decided to create a Spearman’s rank-esque system, establishing a set of parameters that we felt were integral to the construction of our dam, including factors such as angle of strata dip, glacial meltwater and potential for tourism. Through this application, we were able to determine that building two hydroelectric dams would be the most appropriate response. After this, we created a budget for the costs, as well as a proposal detailing the reasoning behind our decisions and any extra add-ons we wanted to implement along our hydroelectric dams. open laptop on a table with a girl writing on a notepad

We won £200 to further geoscience education at Alice Smith as well as a 1-year membership each to The Geological Society and a trophy. Our teacher Mr. Williams is planning to use the £200 to purchase geological teaching resources and is keen to procure a school rock collection to facilitate a tactile learning experience.

This was a thrilling experience and we enjoyed the challenge immensely! It was a very exciting approach to learning beyond the curriculum, and we thoroughly enjoyed applying our knowledge to real-life scenarios, problem-solving and meeting people with such accomplished and diverse careers."

Runners up 2021 - Tiffin Girls School

Students who participated on behalf of the Tiffin Girls School describe their experience of the competition:

"We decided to enter the competition because we were all interested in geology and wanted to learn more about it. We also thought it would be interesting to learn about it in a competitive environment - and we were not disappointed. During the challenge we enjoyed learning about the real world applications of geology, we all found the investigation extremely interesting and hope to relay this knowledge back to the rest of our peers. We are currently looking at the different options into which we will invest the money, but we are probably going to go down the route of more equipment, or perhaps a geographical model that will benefit a large amount of the student body. In the final, after we collectively decided on the dam placements, we split our team, with one group focusing on the budget, and one focusing on the implications of the dam placement. The challenge was very enjoyable, and we saw a noticeable improvement in our team work and time management skills, both of which will be valuable for other experiences in our school career."

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Teacher Resource Pack

multicoloured question marks

Fancy tackling the finalists’ problem-solving conundrum? Download the full teacher resource pack to run the activity in your classroom