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Scientific Themes

Energy Transition

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The shift to a low/neutral carbon economy, essential to tackle climate change, is now a pressing international effort. The Earth sciences play a pivotal role in the sourcing of essential raw materials, the development of circular economies, in subsurface storage and capture solutions, and in geothermal energy production. Geoscientists are therefore uniquely placed to support policy makers, stakeholders and industry in the energy transition.

The Geological Society’s Energy Transition theme champions this goal, to help drive future research, and support communication between academia, business, government, and public communities, and aim to inspire a new generation of geoscientists.

Geohazards, Geoengineering and Georesilience 

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As the human population expands, so too does the range of interactions that humans have with their environment. Some of these may be pose a hazard to human safety and wellbeing. In other interactions, humans may pose a risk to ecosystems and the environment. Skills, research, and knowledge in the Earth sciences are vital to minimizing the risk of harm. The Geological Society is therefore launching a multi-year thematic science programme around hazards, risk and resilience. Anna Hicks has been appointed theme leader, with Aggie Georgiopoulou and Irene Manzella serving as deputy leaders.