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Terms of Use for Individuals

Open Access Articles

Articles that have the Open Access padlock logo can be shared and posted to websites or servers without permission. However, if you reuse figures or other parts of the article you must acknowledge the author and the source of the material and you must comply with our guidelines - see Permissions.

Articles with the ‘Free’ logo are not the same as Open Access and are subject to the conditions below.

Other Articles

All articles published in Geological Society books and journals that do not have the Open Access padlock logo, including ones that are free to access online, are subject to the conditions below.

  • Individuals are regarded as those who have access rights to some or all of the Lyell Collection content either because they are Fellows of the Geological Society or are faculty members of, or visitors to, institutions with subscription access to the Lyell Collection, or because they have been otherwise granted access by the Geological Society. Authors' use of the Lyell Collection is covered by separate conditions.
  • Individuals accessing content on a pay-per-view basis (including eBooks) should refer to the terms of use for pay-per-view users.
  • Individuals may browse, search and access content and may download individual articles of interest to their hard drive for the legitimate pursuit of their personal research, study, teaching or practice. The use of, or reference to, any article or part of an article must include the customary full bibliographic citation to the work and its DOI (Digital Object Identifier number), where given. 
  • Any individual or organisation may reproduce or re-use three items (i.e. figures, tables or extracts of fewer than 100 words) from the Lyell Collection without requesting formal permission from the Geological Society, without charge. The Society will treat this as fair use or fair dealing.
  • Except for the reproduction or re-use of three items, as defined above, any individual or organisation wishing to reproduce or re-use Lyell Collection content in whole or in part must make a formal permission request – please refer to the permissions page
  • Individuals may not systematically or automatically download multiple articles in order to replicate collections of articles such as whole journal issues, books or book sections. 
  • Downloaded articles or are for the use of the individual and may not be posted on any internal or institutional website or intranet, nor may they be posted on any site where external access is possible. Specifically, articles may not be posted on any institutional or subject-focused repository. 
  • Downloaded articles may not be copied physically or electronically for any onward distribution, and may not be emailed to other individuals or organisations who do not enjoy Lyell Collection access in their own right. 
  • Downloaded articles, parts of articles (including abstracts and references) or derivatives of articles may not be used for any commercial purpose or for personal gain without the explicit permission of the Geological Society. 
  • Access details, including usernames, email addresses or passwords issued for the purpose of accessing content must be treated as confidential and must not be shared with other individuals, institutions or organisations.