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Annual Membership Fees 2023

Membership Fee Category  Fees 2023
Student member £16.00
Fellow (postgraduate) £47.00
Fellow (early career) £80.00
Fellow (mid-career) £158.00
Fellow (experienced career) £229.00 
Fellow (retired) £121.00
Fellow (emeritus) £78.00
Fellow (concessions) £0.00-£80.00
Senior Fellows £0.00
Honorary Fellows £0.00
CGeol supplement payers £52.00
CGeol supplement payers (retired) £21.00
Friend £50.00

Fellows, if you have any questions about your renewal invoice, please read the renewal FAQs.

Admission fees for 2023

There is no admission fee if you are applying for:

  • Student membership (for further and higher education students)
  • Fellowship, and are a full-time postgraduate student
There is a one off admission fee of:
  • £20.00 for Fellow applications (if not already a Candidate Fellow)
  • £120.00 for Chartered Geologist application
  • £121.50 for Chartered Scientist application
  • £75.00 for European Geologist application

Why we created a new fee structure

At the AGM on 25 June 2021, Council approved the proposal to introduce new Fellowship categories. The new approach uses a career-based categories model, rather than the previous age-based categories model. 

Initially proposed in April 2021, we introduced these changes in response to the Fellowship Survey undertaken in 2018, the 2020 Strategic Options review and an online survey carried out in December 2020. 

Our aim is to modernise the Society, reduce barriers and stimulate growth, with the goal of becoming a fairer Society for all.

CGeol, EurGeol and CSci fees

  • Chartered Geologist per year: £50.00
  • Chartered Geologist per year (retired and not offering services): £20.00
  • European Geologist per year: £38.00
  • Chartered Scientist per year: £51.50

Optional add-ons

  • Full Book Collection: £95.00. Allows online access to book content on the Lyell Collection published in the current and three previous calendar years.
  • For £55.00 you can add online access to an additional online journal option.
  • Visit our benefits page to find out more about add-ons

NB: If you are elected to Fellowship after June, your initial payment covers Fellowship for the following calendar year. However, if you wish to use the Library, attend conferences, and/or purchase books, etc. in the months before the following calendar year you will be able to do so at Fellows’ rates.

Apply for membership

Find out about the grades of Fellowship, apply online or download and complete an application form.


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Got a question about applying for membership? Send us an email through our enquiry form.

Support with your fees

We may be able to help if you are on a reduced income due to not working, illness or raising a family. If this applies to you, please complete our concession request form.

Please note that if you are unemployed but seeking work and would like to apply for concession, please send your request after 1 January 2023.



Contact us

Got a question about applying for membership? Send us an email through our enquiry form.