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Our Press Office is open for enquiries from members of the press and media between 9.30am and 5.30pm GMT on weekdays.

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Enrolment strategyGeological Society and University Geoscience UK release strategy for increasing student enrolment in geology

25 September 2020

The number of UK students studying geology at university has declined year-on-year since 2014, with a total drop of 43%. Without action, the decline in skilled graduates will pose a serious and economically damaging skills shortage in the UK, particularly at a critical time of transition for many industries and businesses that rely on geological expertise.

Society announces initiative to support early career geoscientists to gain peer review skills

23 September 2020

From 2021, the Geological Society of London will support a process known as co-reviewing across its portfolio of journals and books. This type of peer review involves allowing a reviewer to formally involve a colleague in the review of a book or article, and is often an opportunity for junior or early career researchers to gain experience and training with peer review. Both reviewers will receive an acknowledgement for their work, as well as the opportunity to gain credit for their review on the Publons platform.

Energy GroupPetroleum Group of the Geological Society becomes the Energy Group

1 September 2020

The Geological Society of London’s Petroleum Group will today become the Energy Group, covering all aspects of energy geoscience. Meeting the UK government’s net zero targets to limit climate change will require a complete overhaul of energy sources, moving away from oil and gas to low carbon, renewable alternatives. The committee of the Petroleum Group has therefore decided to expand their remit to encompass the full cycle of the delivery of energy to society.

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