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Elections to council 2020-2021

The October issue of Geoscientist invited Fellows to nominate new members of Council for election to succeed those who will be retiring at the Annual General Meeting on 4 June 2020. Subsequent calls were made in the email newsletter.

There are seven nominations for the five vacancies. The process for the election of members of Council is set out at section 6 of the Bye-laws.

It is important that Council is representative of the views and diversity of all the Fellowship, so Fellows are urged to participate in the preliminary ballot which will determine the list for the formal vote at the Annual General Meeting.

Civica Election Services (CES) – previously Electoral Reform Services – will manage the ballot for Council on behalf of the Society. CES is the UK’s leading independent ballot services provider, and has extensive experience of overseeing ballots for a wide range of organisations.

All Fellows for whom we have an email address should already have received voting information direct from CES. All other Fellows should have received a postal ballot pack. If you have not heard from CES via email or post, or would prefer to receive a postal ballot pack, or have any other difficulties casting your vote, please contact Stephanie Jones ( at the Society.

Voting closes at 11.59pm on Tuesday 31 March 2020. Postal ballot forms must be sent to CES (not to the Society) and must arrive by Tuesday 31 March.

Only Fellows of the Society are eligible to vote.

Candidates and profiles

Please click on each of the candidates below to find out more about them and read their supporting statements.

Joanna Alexander
  Jennie Gilbert
  Michael Kehinde
  David Latin
Mrs Joanna Alexander   Dr Jennie Gilbert   Dr Michael Kehinde   Dr David Latin

James Lawrence   John Perry
  Lucy Williams  
Dr James Lawrence   Dr John Perry   Mrs Lucy Williams  

About Council 2020-2021

The Council elections are your opportunity to choose who should serve on Council to best represent the interests of all Fellows and to shape the future of the Society. Fellows may wish to make their choices with regard to the areas of expertise of the continuing and retiring members of Council, which are shown in the tables below. Biographies of members of Council are on our biographies page.

Continuing members of Council 2020-2021

Name Expertise Sector
Mr Thomas Backhouse Risk/Environmental and Geological Hazards Industry
Dr Andrew Bloodworth Economic Geology Government
Mr John Booth Engineering Geology Industry
Dr Michael Daly Continental Tectonics and Resources Academe
Dr Joel Gill Social Geology, Disaster Risk Reduction, Sustainable Development Government
Dr Kathryn Goodenough Mineral resources, igneous petrology, crustal evolution Government
Mr Graham Goffey Petroleum Geology Industry
Prof James Griffiths Engineering Geology Academe
Prof Chris King Geoscience educator Academe
Mr Andrew Moore Contaminated Land Industry
Prof Bryne Ngwenya Microbial Geochemistry Academe
Mr Nik Reynolds Contaminated land, geotechnical engineering Industry
Mrs Sarah Scott Hydrogeology Government
Ms Gemma Sherwood Engineering Geology Industry
Miss Jessica Smith Engineering Geology Industry
Dr Helen Smyth Petroleum Geology Industry
Prof Robin Strachan Tectonics, Geochronology Academe
Dr Alexander Whittaker Tectonics and Landscape Dynamics Academe

Members of Council retiring at the Annual General Meeting on 4 June 2020

Name Expertise Sector
Ms Lesley Dunlop Geomorphology Academe
Dr Sarah Gordon Mining, Meteoritics, Risk Industry
Prof Nick Rogers Geochemistry Academe
Prof Katherine Royse Environmental Geology Government
Mr John Talbot Geotechnical Engineering, Engineering Geology Retired