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Geoscience in Practice

Series Editor: Professor Angela L. Coe, The Open University

Scope statement

New for 2021, Geoscience in Practice is a series of books covering the use and application of geological techniques relevant to a subdiscipline. The series aims to present balanced, practical expertise and critical hands-on information from experienced contributors in a way that is clear, straightforward and relevant for a broad audience, including undergraduates, trainee geoscientists, professionals, practitioners, and others. Techniques covered may be field, laboratory, office-based or any combination. A theoretical knowledge in the subdiscipline will be assumed to allow the volumes to solely concentrate on how to apply the techniques in practice, with key text augmented by flow charts, top tips and worked examples from industry and academia. Books in the series will follow a specifically designed, accessible layout and include full colour illustrations.

Geoscience in Practice is a unique series, distinct from our other books series.

We are actively commissioning new volumes for the series and will consider proposals from all branches of the geosciences. We are particularly keen to hear from experts in specialist groups, practitioners with a wealth of experience in a particular field, trainers from industry and academia or those working in an emerging field of geoscience. Authors with ideas for individual chapters (but not an entire volume) are also encouraged to get in touch.

For further information and to propose a volume please visit our Propose a volume for Geoscience in Practice webpage.

For organisations interested in making a contribution towards or sponsoring a volume in the series (either wholly or in part), or establishing a broader publishing partnership with us, please contact our Head of Editorial Development: For more information on our existing partner publishing arrangements please visit our Publishing Partners webpage.

Open Access publishing

Authors may choose to make their article fully Open Access (sometimes called ‘Gold Open Access’) on payment of an Article Processing Charge.

  • 2022 APC price: £2,200/$4,400 (+VAT as applicable as the time of invoicing and subject to change).
  • Articles where the corresponding author or at least half the authors are Fellows of the Geological Society are entitled to a 25% discount.
  • There is a 50% discount for articles where all the authors are at a research institution in a developing country.

More information on the Society’s policy can be found on our Open Access page.

You can select Open Access when you submit your article online. You do not need to pay until after your article is accepted.

If you require Open Access but cannot pay the APC, we also support ‘Green Open Access’, where you can post your final post-refereed version of the article to a website or repository 12 months after the online publication date.

Authors must not post a typeset proof or final version to any website or repository unless the article is fully Open Access.