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Critical issues in geology

The Society works on behalf of its Fellows and the geoscience community to raise awareness of the various ways that geoscience research and skills play into critical issues that have a major impact on society, public policy and sustainability. Geoscience research and geological expertise have a vital role to play major areas of public interest and sustainable development such as:

  • Sustainable access to water, materials and minerals
  • Providing minerals and materials for technology to use in the energy transition
  • Energy resources and decarbonisation technologies to help meet net-zero targets
  • Understanding, interpreting and communicating the risks association with geohazards such as earthquakes, volcanoes and landslides
  • Engineering the subsurface in an increasingly urbanised world

The links on this page will direct you to our key policy work and activities concerning the critical geoscience issues listed above.


Geoscience skills and research will play a critical role in delivering national and international decarbonisation targets and net-zero commitments. Here at the Society, we are working to understand and raise awareness of the various ways that geoscience will underpin the energy transition, particularly with decision makers and stakeholders outside the field.