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Scottish Journal of Geology

Although published only since 1965, the Scottish Journal of Geology has a long pedigree. It is the joint publication of the Geological Society of Glasgow and the Edinburgh Geological Society, which prior to 1965 published separate Transactions: from 1860 in the case of Glasgow and 1863 for Edinburgh.

The Scottish Journal of Geology (SJG) is available online via the Lyell Collection. Please see subscription rates for access entitlements.

Traditionally, the Journal has acted as the focus for papers on all aspects of Scottish geology and its contiguous areas, including the surrounding seas. The publication policy has always been outward looking, with the Editors encouraging review papers and papers on broader aspects of the earth sciences that cannot be discussed solely in terms of Scottish geology.

The diverse geology of Scotland continues to provide an important natural laboratory for the study of earth sciences; many seminal studies in geology have been carried out on Scottish rocks, and over the years the results of much of this work had been published in the Journal and its predecessors.

The Journal fully deserves its high reputation worldwide and intends to maintain its status in the front rank of publications in the Earth sciences.

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Early Career Research Collection

Following the success of the Special Issue for Early Career Research, the Scottish Journal of Geology will continue to celebrate the contribution to knowledge of early-career researchers, by extending this special issue into an ongoing collection of early career research. We invite high-quality papers on any aspect of Scottish geology and geomorphology, and international papers from Scottish-based researchers.

This collection welcomes submissions based on MSc, PhD and postdoctoral research, and from geologists within five years of their first professional appointment. Types of contribution may include:

  • Original research papers
  • Short communications
  • Review papers offering new perspectives

The submission must have an early career author either as single or lead author. If you have any queries please contact the Journal Manager at

For more information, see the early career section on our author information page.

Recent highlights

Cheiracanthid acanthodians from the lower fossil fish-bearing horizons (Eifelian, Middle Devonian) of the Orcadian Basin, Scotland

By Carole J. Burrow, Michael J. Newman and Jan L. den Blaauwen

Vertebrate fossils are extremely rare below the Achanarras fish beds and equivalent strata in northern Scotland. Here we describe the cheiracanthid acanthodians from the lowest Middle Devonian of this region, comprising partial articulated specimens and squamation patches of two species Cheiracanthus flabellicostatus and C. brevicostatus. Both species were previously only known as isolated scales from the eastern Baltic and Russia. The stratigraphic range of the two species in Scotland extends up into the Achanarras equivalent fish beds in the Moray Firth.

A new large embolomere from East Kirkton

By Jennifer A. Clack and Timothy R. Smithson

The well-known late Mississippian/early Carboniferous locality of East Kirkton in Scotland has the earliest described fauna of terrestrial tetrapods. Seven species are now known, represented by articulated skeletons of moderate sized animals with snout-vent length of up to 200 mm, and each is unique to East Kirkton. Herewe describe the skull bones of a much larger tetrapod that closely resembles those of embolomeres from the Pennsylvanian. Although the new material is too incomplete to be named as a new species, it enhances the taxonomic diversity of the East Kirkton tetrapod fauna, predates the embolomeres from other sites in Scotland and extends the range of the group earlier into the Mississippian.

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