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2022 subscription rates

The Lyell Collection

The subscription rates listed are for single site access and apply to the geographic location of the end user. Please contact us for multi-site or global access license renewals. If you have any questions please see the Lyell Collection FAQs or contact the Sales Department.

2022 standard rates (pdf)
  Lyell Collection brochure 2022 (pdf)

Titles included in the price list and brochure:

Lyell Collection Complete online

Lyell Collection Complete online + Special Publications print 

Journal of the Geological Society

Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology & Hydrogeology 

Petroleum Geoscience

Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society

Scottish Journal of Geology 

Geochemistry: Exploration; Environment, Analysis

Geoscientist (print)

Special Publications

Special Publication Archives

Journal of the Geological Society Archives

       Lyell Collection brochure 2022 cover

Current Rates

Please see our Resources for Librarians and Institutions page for current rates and more information.