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Article Tokens

There are times when your organization needs quick access to specific geological information, but it is not economical to invest in a full Lyell Collection subscription.

Article tokens allow colleagues to read and download single journal articles or book chapters to support their latest geology project needs.

The pre-paid, token-based system offers access to research articles and information in a cost-effective and flexible way.

Delivers immediate and seamless access to content across a range of Earth science topics so colleagues can quickly fill those information gaps.

What are the benefits?

Discounts: save up to 40%, compared to purchasing individual articles/chapters.

Flexibility: purchase tokens to cover as many as 1,000, or as few as 50 articles/chapters.

Instant access: choose relevant content from across 10 journals and 4 book series.

Seamless access: compatible with single sign on solutions.

Usage statistics: regular reporting of statistics; downloads/views.

How do they work?

Decide how many article tokens your organization needs (minimum purchase 50)

Start using your tokens and accessing content.

Top up your article tokens to access more Earth science content.

Contact us to purchase tokens or to find out your article token balance.

What are the conditions of use?

Tokens valid for 12 months from time of purchase.

Additional article access token purchases on a pre-paid basis.

Unlimited concurrent user access for 24 hours.

Option to download PDF/ePub version of the article/chapter for personal use within 24 hours.

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Further information

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