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Research grants

The Society awards and administers a range of funds and grants for a broad scope of research activities. The average award has previously been around £1,500.

Applications for our 2022 Society Research Grants are now closed. Awardees will be announced in April 2022.

Guidelines and forms for 2022

Guidelines for applicants 2022

If you are not a Fellow and would like to become one, you can join here, or if you have any further questions regarding your application, please contact the Awards Secretary at

Our funds

Mike Coward Fund

  • For fieldwork in structural geology as applied to regional tectonics. 

Edmund Johnson Garwood Fund

  • For the encouragement of research in stratigraphy, with palaeontology, and in physical geology. Preference will be given to mid-career applicants. 

Gloyne Outdoor Geological Research Fund

  • For outdoor research preferentially of a palaeontological or stratigraphical character, and preferentially within the limits of the British Commonwealth.

Annie Greenly Fund

  • For detailed geological mapping.

Elspeth Matthews Fund

  • For members of the Society, for geological field-based research anywhere in the world. Preference will be given to early career applicants.

Joseph Burr Tyrrell Fund

  • To assist geologists of Great Britain and Ireland to travel to and in Canada; or to assist in the publication of meritorious papers by geologists of Great Britain and Ireland upon the geology of Canada; or to assist such geologists in any other way best adapted to further this object.

Robert Scott Memorial Award

  • CASP (formerly known as the Cambridge Arctic Shelf Programme) has generously bequeathed an endowment in memory of Robert Scott, one of their senior geologists, who died suddenly in 2012 of leukaemia. The interest earned will be used to support a single research award of £2,200 each year.

    To be eligible for the award, applicants must be UK-based and either (a) registered postgraduate students; (b) university postdoctoral researchers; or (c) university lecturers. Postdoctoral researchers and university lecturers should preferably apply within seven years of their first appointment to an academic position.

    Awards shall be made to support research under the following terms:

    1. At least 50% of the award should be spent directly on research fieldwork (transport, accommodation and field logistical support)
    2. Preference will be given to applications that are in regard of fieldwork in Arctic regions (field areas within the Arctic Circle)
    3. Preference will also be given to projects that focus on basin analysis studies including tectonics, structural geology, sedimentology, stratigraphy and provenance analysis

Jeremy Ingham Fund

  • An annual award of up to £2,000 will be made for the encouragement of research into engineering geology with preference being given to the study of construction materials and/or research incorporating the use of petrological techniques.

Distinguished Geologist Memorial Trust Fund

  • This bursary aims to assist early career geologists, particularly those in industry, with professional development by contributing to travel costs or gaining experience. This fund has a separate application process but the closing date is the same 23:59 on Friday 4 February 2022. Please see the DGMT page for more information and to apply.

Other grants administered by the Society

Jeremy Willson Charitable Trust

  • The Jeremy Willson Charitable Trust, and the Willson family, generously supports the Geological Society grants programme in memory of their son and brother, Jeremy.

    Jeremy was a great athlete, geologist and adventurer. He sadly died of new variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (vCJD) in March 2006. In the spirit of Jeremy’s interests, the Jeremy Willson Award supports field-based projects with a distinct focus on the physical environment. To find out more, visit the Jeremy Willson Charitable Trust's website.

ZEISS-GSL Scholarship

  • Carl Zeiss Microscopy Ltd. and The Geological Society of London are offering a scholarship worth £8000 for innovative microscopy in Earth Science-related PhD projects. Applicants should be Earth Science PhD students who are Fellows of the Geological Society. Further information can be found here. Applications for the scholarship are not available at this time.