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Past Meeting Resources

This section of the site will be home to resources associated with past meetings organised by the Geological Society, particularly those with a bearing on public policy issues and areas of popular interest.

If there are resources from meetings which you would like to see included here, please contact us.

London Lectures 2014

London Lectures

The Geological Society is delighted to host the London Lectures at Burlington House throughout 2014. Presentations from the lectures will be available to view online after the lectures have taken place.
Shell London Lectures 2012 image

Shell London Lectures

Since 2008, the Geological Society of London has hosted the Shell London Lecture Series. Presentations from each of the lectures are available to view online.
President's Day

President's Day

An annual event held by the Geological Society in June each year. View short talks from the recipients of the major medals and presentations by the Wollaston, Lyell, Murchison and William Smith medallists.
Founders' Day

Founders' Day

An annual event held by the Geological Society to celebrate the inauguration of the Society.
RSM 60x100

Petroleum and Engineering at Imperial College

This 2-day meeting was held in September 2013 to celebrate 100 years of petroleum-related science and engineering education at Imperial College.


Shell University Lecture Series

In 2010 and 2011, the Geological Society hosted the Shell University Lecture Series, a programme of six regionally-based themed lectures. You can view each of the presentations online.

Policy-related Meetings

Information on selected Geological Society meetings addressing public policy issues, or concerning areas of science with particular policy relevance. Including research meetings, or events aimed at a mixed or non-specialist audience.

Higher Education Network

View the details and presentations from previous events hosted by the Higher Education Network.
Dan McKenzie

Dan McKenzie and Friends in Highlights from the Bullard Labs

This film, by Richard Thomas, is a rare insight into the early history of the theory of plate tectonics, one of the most important scientific theories of the twentieth century. It was made possible by a gift from a longstanding Fellow of the Geological Society of London.
Jurassic coast

Exploring the Jurassic Coast

Richard Edmonds visited Burlington House to give a presentation about the value of the Jurassic Coast, and why it is worth of World Heritage Site status.
Linheraptor fossil

From Dinosaurs to Early Birds: An Evolutionary Turning Point

This lecture was an exciting and rare opportunity to hear first-hand how dinosaur discoveries are made, and their importance in understanding the evolutionary history of our planet, from both a famous figure and a rising star in the world of palaeontology.
Black Smoker

The Lyell Meeting 2014 - Deep Sea Chemosynthetic Ecosystems

A joint meeting of the Geological Society of London, the Palaeontographical Society, the Palaeontological Association and The Micropalaeontological Society.