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Library Strategy 2017 - 2026

Geological Society Library Strategy

“The Geological Society Library is a research library which offers its Fellows the best of both worlds: rich historical and archive collections as well as the most up-to-date information resources in print and electronic formats.”

The Library Strategy has at its heart the necessity to evolve and adapt to a fast changing library and information environment and the research needs of its users. With 85% of our Fellowship based in the regions and overseas, one of the Library’s key objectives is to deliver better electronic and remote services, whilst simultaneously working to develop, preserve and promote our collections and improve their content findability online. The Library Strategy provides the basis upon which this will be achieved.


  Progress & Achievements
  • Systematic collection of Library statistics
  • First programme of exhibitions
  • Opening of the Burlington House Bookshop
  • First Collection Development Policy
  • Receipt of the Dan McKenzie Archive and development of project plan
  • Off-site storage begins
  • Creation of the Library Users Group
  • Reduction of net operating costs
  • Loan to English Heritage
  • Launch of the Library newsletter
  • Beginning of online only journal switch
  • First Library strategy
  • Launch of the Picture Library
  • First programme of public engagement events
  • First Corporate Affiliate Open Day
  • Library Space Review
  • First Disaster Management Plan
  • Launch of the e-book collection
  • Digitisation of the African map collection
  • Celebration of the William Smith map bicentenary
  • First Library audit
  • Launch of the new Library Management System and OPAC
  • Completion of the Plate Tectonics Archive Project
  • Launch of the online archive catalogue
  • Launch of the print-on-demand Picture Library
  • Library audit continues
  • Loan to Milan’s museum of culture and the University of Cambridge
  • First union catalogue membership
  • First Loan Management Policy
  • Loan to the Charles Dickens Museum
  • Building on the Library audit
  • New union catalogue membership (completed)
  • Loan to the House of European History
  • Arts Council Designation application (phase 1, completed)
  • Building on the Library audit
  • Live chat on the OPAC
  • Monthly drop-in sessions

Library Strategy Progress

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