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Digital Geoscience

Big data and advanced computing techniques are becoming increasingly important to research and practice in the geosciences. Many of the techniques currently being developed and refined will prove to have utility across different Earth science disciplines. Through this theme, the Society will stimulate discussion and exposure of the digital geosciences.

The theme is led by a team from Atkins, including Richard O’Brien, Craig Parry, Petra Lincoln, Shona Brown, Vicky Corcoran and James Fleming.

The team’s initial focus has been on understanding the current levels of digital engagement throughout the Society, focusing on the specialist groups and commissions. The aim is to clarify the digital techniques used, the level of digital skills and blockers, and the understanding of what they feel the Digital Geoscience Champions should focus on (e.g., data management, programming , automation etc.).

Over the coming years, the team will work with scientific theme leaders, conference convenors, and others to encourage the representation of digitally driven research in the Society’s events, activities, and outreach. We will bring our expertise and leadership to identify and facilitate opportunities for science initiatives, roundtables, and other events within the broader digital theme.

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