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The following posters are available for you to download free of charge by clicking on the links to the PDFs.

Sedimentary, Dear Watson!poster-sedimentary-watson.jpg

A series of four posters from the Geological Society showing that geology is quite simply investigation of rocks. Or as Sherlock Holmes might deduce it - "Sedimentary, Dear Watson!'

Ideal for displaying in schools and classrooms.

How does geology affect you?Poster-how does geology affect you-.jpg

A series of four posters from the Geological Society asking 'how does geology affect you'? Including the environment, energy, materials and societal issues.

To start to answer some of these questions, make the Geological Society your first port of call!


Two posters from the British Geological Survey (BGS) on the topic of volcanoes. Find out why we have volcanoes, the different types of volcano and why there are no active volcanoes in Britain.

For more posters and factsheets from the BGS, visit

plate-tectonics.jpgPlate Tectonics

Facts and information about plate tectonics from the British Geological Survey (BGS). Learn about the Earth's major plates and the types of boundaries found between the plates.

timechart.jpgGeological Timechart

An artistic timechart poster from the British Geological Survey (BGS) that shows geological time and the evolution of life on Earth.