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Other books

The Society publishes books within occasional series, and also one-off titles. Brief details of recently active series are given below.

Special Reports

These are commissioned by the Stratigraphy Commission and comprise mostly Correlation Charts for each Series within the UK. The Stratigraphy Commission are currently working on the Revised Correlations, and hope to complete those shortly.

Special Reports have a similar page size and layout as Journal of the Geological Society. Maximum final size of illustrations: 232 mm deep by 176 mm wide. Single column width 84 mm. It is possible to have 1½ column figures (120 mm) figures with the caption at the side. Authors should follow instructions for the Journal of the Geological Society.

Professional Handbooks

These books offer guidance on practical aspects of the Earth Sciences and appeal to geoscientists working in both academia and industry. There are currently only two volumes in this series and we would be pleased to discuss ideas for further volumes.

Authors will be sent instructions for production of their volume on acceptance.

Rock-Forming Minerals

This famous series, edited by Professors Deer, Howie and Zussman was acquired by the Geological Society in 1997. There are two volumes in the second series outstanding, and they should be completed in the near future. This is a finite series and is not open to speculative proposals. The Society was not able to acquire the student textbook, Introduction to Rock-Forming Minerals.

Earth in View

This series covers subjects of topical interest to a non-specialist audience. We are not actively commissioning books in this series, but if you have an idea for such a volume, please contact the Commissioning Editor.

Non-series titles

Our focus is in acquiring volumes for our main books series, but we will consider books that do not fit comfortably within one of those series. Read further information on submitting a book proposal.