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The Geological Society has a range of membership grades from student memberships to postgraduate accreditations. 

Below you can find out more about each grade and download guidance and application forms.

Junior Candidate Fellow

If you are over 16 and in full time secondary education, have a keen interest in geology and can provide satisfactory evidence of your intent to go on and take a degree in geology or a related subject, you may join as a Junior Candidate Fellow. 

You can remain a Junior Candidate Fellow until you register for an undergraduate degree course or until one year after you have received the qualifications that show you have completed secondary education.

Candidate Fellow

If you are registered for an honours degree (first degree) in geology, you may join as a Candidate Fellow. You can remain a Candidate Fellow for up to one year after graduation. 

Fees for Candidate Fellows are heavily discounted, especially if you choose to pay up-front for the duration of your undergraduate course.


Fellows will have a degree or equivalent qualification in geology (or a related subject), or have not less than 6 years' relevant experience in geology or a related subject (e.g., membership of another learned society, either in UK or overseas). Fellows can use the postnominal FGS.

Chartered Geologist

If you are a Fellow of the Society with relevant postgraduate experience in the practice of geology, you have the opportunity to apply for Chartered Geologist (CGeol) status. See our Step by Step Guide to Chartership.

European Geologist

The European Geologist (EurGeol) title, awarded by the European Federation of Geologists, demonstrates a high degree of professionalism to employers, clients and the general public, and will become increasingly useful in assisting mobility in Europe. Chartered Geologists can apply through a very simple application procedure on the apply for European Geologist page.

Chartered Scientist

The Geological Society is licensed by the Science Council to award the designation ‘Chartered Scientist’ (CSci). Chartered Scientist status is open to all Fellows, including those who do not hold CGeol status. 

CSci is suitable for those who have moved out of mainstream geological work since completing higher education, but who wish to register themselves as high calibre scientists and teachers of science. Or those who are involved in Earth science through their current employment, but who trained originally in another science subject might find CSci a more appropriate designation than CGeol. 

See the Step by Step Guide to Chartership.

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Election to Fellowship

As per the Society's bye laws 2.8 and regulations RFP1, section 7, names are put forward to Council for election to Fellowship.
See the list of names.


Junior Candidate Fellow
Annual fee   £10.00

Candidate Fellow

Annual fee    £15.00
One-off fee for duration of full-time undergraduate course

Annual Fellowship fees are calculated according to age at 31 December 2018.

Aged 27 & under   £74.00
Aged 28 - 33    £138.00
Aged 34 - 59    £210.00
Aged 34 - 59 outside Europe     £161.00
Aged 60 - 64     £138.00
Aged 65 - 69    105.00
Aged 70 or over    £72.00
Full-time postgraduate MSc    £30.00
Full-time postgraduate Phd    £43.00
There is a £20 admission fee for Fellow applications.  This does not apply if you are a full-time postgraduate or if you were a previous Fellow of the Society.

For all other fees see expanded fee list

Friends of the Society


Become a Friend of the Geological Society for £39 a year. Open to all amateur, non-professional geologists.