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William Smith Meeting 2018

The meeting will consider mineral resources in ultra-deep terrestrial environments, deep-ocean, polar regions and extra-terrestrial settings.

William Smith Meeting 2018

A sauropod-dominated tracksite discovered

Middle Jurassic dinosaur fossils are rare, now new discoveries fill that gap.

Dinosaur tracks close up

Yorkshire’s embryo-bearing ichthyosaur

Discovered - remains of ichthyosaur embryos

Ithyosaur large

New Archive Catalogue

The Archive collections cover the history of the Society and its Fellows from our foundation in 1807 through to the present day.

Library Archive Slideshow

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Renewals 2018
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The Theme for 2018 is The Year of Resources

Throughout the year we will explore the sustainable extraction and use of natural resources through research conferences, lectures, our education programme and other activities.

There are now a number of events linked to the Year of Resources. Take a look at what's coming up and find out more about our 'themed years'.

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The Society's Strategy

The Geological Society has agreed a 10 year strategy for 2017 - 2027.

The Society supports the work of geoscientists, inspires interest in the physical world, and connects science, profession and society.


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Find out about our programme of lectures for 2018. Or watch previous lectures in the past meeting resources.