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Engineering Group

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Aims and activities

"Engineering Geology is the science devoted to the investigation, study and solution of the engineering and environmental problems which may arise as the result of the interaction between geology and the works and activities of man as well as to the prediction and of the development of measures for prevention or remediation of geological hazards." (IAEG statutes, 1992)

Call for speakers

We are currently compiling our evening meeting schedule for 2023 and are looking for speakers from a diverse range of backgrounds, particularly those from currently underrepresented groups within the Earth sciences, to present at our monthly evening meetings, typically held at Burlington House, Piccadilly, London.

If you have any suggested topics, then please contact the EGGS committee meetings organiser, Francesca Sykes, at [email protected], with a title and brief synopsis of the topic. Presentations can be delivered by individuals, as joint presentations, or as multiple short presentations based around a theme, so any suggestions are welcome.

Our events

Date  Speaker  Title  Venue  Convenor 
17 October 2023  Colin Serridge  Halite karst geohazards in north Cheshire, UK
Burlington House and online  Scott O'Neill
[email protected]
23 November 2023  Glossop Medal and Award: Dr John Cripps Annual Glossop Meeting 2023  Royal Institution and Burlington House  James Todd
[email protected]
30 January 2024  Andrew Brown - GRM
“Identifying Challenging Ground Hazards for Remediation and Land Development: A Case Study of a site affected by over 300 closely spaced Bell Pits, NW Leicestershire”  Burlington House and online 
Josh Dunlop
[email protected]
21 February 2024 Ady Koe / Bill Murphy
Title TBC  Burlington House and online 
20 March 2024  Chris Jack  Engineering geological aspects of pumped storage development in Scotland.  Burlington House and online 

Thursday 11 April - Saturday 13 April
Annual Conference TBC Christ's College, Cambridge  TBC 
18 April 2024 
Martin Preene / Mike Chrimes  
Kilsby Tunnel construction, geotechnical and groundwater lowering.  ICE  TBC
23 April 2024 Mourice Czerewko Aggressive Ground Conditions and Consequences on Construction  Burlington House  TBC 
19 June 2024  TBC  TBC Burlington House  TBC 
July 2024  TBC TBC TBC  TBC 
18 September 2024  TBC TBC  Burlington House  TBC 
23 October 2024  TBC  TBC  Burlington House  TBC 
20 November 2024  TBC  TBC  Burlington House  TBC

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