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Deformation of the Continental Crust: The Legacy of Mike Coward

Product Code: SP272
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by A C Ries, R W H Butler and R H Graham
Publication Date: 04 May 2007
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This Special Publication, in memory  and celebration of the work of Professor Mike Coward, is about the deformation of the continental lithosphere. The collected papers discuss geometry, structural principles, processes and problems in a wide range of tectonic settings and thereby reflect the breadth of Coward’s interests. They encompass the evolution of Precambrian basement gneiss terrains, the geometry and evolution of thrust systems, basement involvement and structural inheritance in basins, syn-orogenic extension, salt tectonics, the implication of structural evolution on hydrocarbon prospectivity and structural controls on mineralization. Examples are drawn from the Lewisian and Moine Thrust Belt of NW Scotland, the Italian Apennines, NW Himalayas, the Cyclades, Oman, Zagros Mountains, Colombian Cordillera, Carpathians, North Sea, offshore Brazil, regional studies of the Irumide Belt (central Africa), Taurus Mountains (Turkey), greater South America, and from the Witwatersrand Basin of South Africa and the Antler Orogeny of SW USA.


Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-215-3
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-215-1
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 608
Weight: 1.55 kg


Mike Coward (1945-2003): portrait of a structural geologist, A C R Ries, R W H Butler and R H Graham
• Introduction: the deformation of continental crust and Mike Coward's impact on its understanding, R W H Butler, R H Graham and A C Ries 
• Mike Coward's early days: the Lewisian, and what he made of it, R H Graham
 • A major high-strain zone in the Lewisian Complex in the Loch Torridon area, NW Scotland: insights into deep crustal deformation, J Wheeler
• Inferences from shear zone geometry: an example from the Laxfordian shear zone at Upper Badcall, Lewisian Complex, NW Scotland, D J Tatham and M Casey
• The use of shear zones and related structures as kinematic indicators: a review, J W Cosgrove
• Flow perturbation folding in shear zones, G I Alsop and R E Holdsworth
• Structural evolution of the Achnashellach Culmination, southern Moine Thrust Belt: testing the duplex model, R W H Butler, S J Matthews and R K Morgan
• Tectonic stratigraphy and structural continuity of the northernmost Moine Thrust Zone and Moine Nappe, Scottish Caledonides, R E Holdsworth, G I Alsop and R A Strachan
• Strain variations within a major carbonate thrust sheet of the Apennine collisional belt, northern Calabria, southern Italy, S Vitale, A Iannace and S Mazzoli
• Two-phase exhumation of ultra high-pressure and medium-pressure Indian Plate rocks from the Pakistan Himalaya, P J Treloar, K J Vince and R D Law
• Constrictional extensional tectonics in the northern Oman mountains, its role in culmination development and the exhumation of the subducted Arabian continental margin, M Al-Wardi and R W H Butler
• Co-axial horizontal stretching within extending orogens: the exhumation of HP rocks on Syros (Cyclades) revisited, C E Bond, R W H Butler and J E Dixon
 • Geometry and evolution of the Mesoproterozoic Irumide Belt of Zambia, M C Daly
 • Tectonic evolution of the South Tethyan ocean: evidence from the Eastern Taurus Mountains (Elazig region, SE Turkey), A H F Robertson, O Parlak, T Rízaoglu, U C Ünlügenç, N Inan, K Tashí and T Ustaomer
• Dynamics of the Polish and Eastern Slovakian parts of the Carpathian accretionary wedge: insights from palaeostress analyses, M Nemcok, T Dilov, M Wojtaszek, L Ludhova, R A Klecker, W J Sercombe and M P Coward
• Strike-slip deformation within the Colombian Andes, J Acosta, F Velandia, J Osorio, L Lonergan and H Mora
• Distribution, timing, and causes of Andean deformation across South America, P R Cobbold, E A Rossello, P Roperch, C Arriagada, D Gómez and C Lima
• Geology and tectonics of the South Atlantic Brazilian salt basins, I Davison
• Salt tectonics in the North Sea Basin: a structural style template for seismic interpreters, S A Stewart
 • Analogue models of basin inversion by transpression: role of structural heterogeneity, L Mattioni, W Sassi and J-P Callot
• The role of major fault zones in controlling the geometry and spatial organization of structures in the Zagros Fold-Thrust Belt, M Sepehr and J W Cosgrove
• Analysis of a mesoscopic duplex in SW Tuscany, Italy: implications for thrust system development during positive tectonic inversion, G Casini, F A Decandia and E Tavarnelli
• Structural style and hydrocarbon prospectivity in fold and thrust belts: a global review, M Cooper
• The impact of deformation timing on the prospectivity of the Middle Magdalena subthrust, Colombia, W Sassi, R H Graham, R Gillcrist, M Adams and D Gomez 
• The implications of fracture swarms in the Chalk of SE England on the tectonic history of the basin and their impact on fluid flow in high-porosity, low-permeability rocks, M Belayneh, S K Matthäi and J W Cosgrove
• Au-quartz mineralization near the base of the continental seismogenic zone, R H Sibson
 • Structural geometry and development of the Witwatersrand Basin, South Africa, A Beach and R Smith
• Progressive evolution of a late orogenic thrust system, from duplex development to extensional reactivation and disruption: Witwatersrand Basin, South Africa, S J Jolley, G W Stuart, S R Freeman, R J Knipe, D Kershaw, E McAllister, A C Barnicoat and R F Tucker
• Reactivated Palaeozoic normal faults: controls on the formation of Carlin-type gold deposits in north-central Nevada, J L Muntean, M P Coward and C A Tarnocai 


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