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Afar Volcanic Province within the East African Rift System, The

Product Code: SP259
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by G Yirgu, C J Ebinger and P K H Maguire
Publication Date: 06 June 2006
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The seismically and volcanically active East African Rift System is an ideal laboratory for continental break-up processes: it encompasses all stages of rift development. Its northernmost sectors within the Afar volcanic province include failed rifts, nascent sea-floor spreading, and youthful passive continental margins associated with one or more mantle plumes. A number of models have been proposed to explain the success and failure of continental rift zones, but there remains no consensus on how strain localizes to achieve rupture of initially 125-250 km-thick plates, or on the interaction between the plates and asthenospheric processes. This collection of papers provides new structural, stratigraphic, geochemical and geophysical data and numerical models needed to resolve fundamental questions concerning continental break-up and mantle plume processes. The focus is on how mantle melt intrudes and is distributed through the plate, and how this magma intrusion process controls along-axis segmentation and facilitates break-up.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-196-3
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-196-3
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 336
Weight: 0.94 kg


Introduction, G. Yirgu, C. J. Ebinger, P. K. H. Maguire
• Kinematics of the East African Rift from GPS and earthquake slip vector data, E. Calais, C. J. Ebinger, C. Hartnady, J. M. Nocquet
• Constraints on the structural development of Afar imposed by the kinematics of the major surrounding plates, Z. Garfunkel, M. Beyth
• The role of magma in the development of the Afro-Arabian Rift System, W. R. Buck
• Mantle upwellings, melt migration, and the rifting of Africa: insights from seismic anisotropy, J. M. Kendall, S. Pilidou, D. Keir, I. D. Bastow, G. W. Stuart, A. Ayele
• Basaltic magmatism and the geodynamics of the East African Rift System, N. W. Rogers
• Heads and tails: 30 million years of the Afar plume, T. Furman, J. Bryce, T. Rooney, B. Hanan, G. Yirgu, D. Ayalew
• Temporal compositional variation of syn-rift rhyolites along the western margin of the southern Red Sea and northern Main Ethiopian Rift, D. Ayalew, C. J. Ebinger, E. Bourdon, E. Wolfenden, G. Yirgu, N. V. Grassineau
• New evidence for Afro-Arabian plate separation in southern Afar, A. Ayele, A. Nyblade, C. A. Langston, M. Cara, J.-J. Leveque
• Strain accommodation in transitional rifts: extension by magma intrusion and faulting in Ethiopian rift magmatic segments, M. Casey, C. J. Ebinger, D. Keir, R. Gloaguen, F. Mohamed
• Palaeomagnetic constraints on continental break-up processes: observations from the Main Ethiopian Rift (MER), T. Kidane, E. Platzman, C. J. Ebinger, B. Abebe, P. Rochette
• Vertical deformation in the Main Ethiopian Rift: levelling results in its northern part, 1995-2004, L. M. Asfaw, H. Beyene, A. Mkonnen, T. Oli
• The Wonji fault belt (Main Ethiopian Rift): structural and geomorphological constraints and GPS monitoring, A. Pizzi, M. Coltorti, B. Abebe, L. Disperati, G. Sacchi, R. Salvini
• Dynamics of prolonged continental extension in magmatic rifts: the Turkana Rift case study (North Kenya), W. Vetel, B. Le Gall
• New contraints on crustal structure in eastern Afar from the analysis of receiver functions and surface wave dispersion in Djibouti, M. T. Dugda, A. Nyblade
• Crustal structure of the northern Main Ethiopian Rift from receiver function studies, G. W. Stuart, I. D. Bastow, C. J. Ebinger  
• Crustal structure of the northern Main Ethiopian Rift from the EAGLE controlled source survey: a snapshot of incipient lithospheric break-up, P. K. H. Maguire, G. R. Keller, S. L. Klemperer, G. D. Mackenzie, K. Keranen, S. Harder, B. M. O'Reilly, H. Thybo, L. M. Asfaw, M. A. Khan, M. Amha
• The electrical resistivity structure of the crust beneath the northern Main Ethiopian Rift, K. A. Whaler, S. Hautot
• Northern Main Ethiopian Rift crustal structure from new high-precision gravity data, D. G. Cornwell, G. D. Mackenzie, R. W. England, P. K. H. Maguire, L. M. Asfaw, B. Oluma   



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