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Characterization, Prediction and Modelling of the Crustal Present Day In-Situ Stresses

Product Code: SP546
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by R. Goteti, T. Finkbeiner, M. O. Ziegler, C. Massiot
Publication Date: 06 August 2024 (not yet published)
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Special Publication 546

This title is a work in progress. Selected articles are available online from the Lyell Collection.

Geomechanics has a marked impact on the safe and sustainable use of the subsurface. Along with an ongoing demand for hydrocarbon resources there is also a growing emphasis on sustainable subsurface exploitation and development, storage of carbon, hydrogen, energy and (radioactive) waste, as well as sustainable geothermal resource utilization. Such activities are accompanied by an ever-increasing need for higher resolution, fit-for-purpose solutions, workflows and approaches to constrain present-day subsurface stresses and minimize associated uncertainties. Building high fidelity geomechanical-numerical models provides critical input and understanding for diverse engineering designs and construction as well as geoscience applications. Such models greatly contribute towards uncertainty reduction, risk management and risk mitigation during the operational life of a given subsurface development and associated infrastructures (both on and below the surface). This Special Publication contains contributions detailing the latest efforts and perspectives in present-day in-situ stress characterization, prediction and modelling from the borehole to plate-tectonic scale. There is particular emphasis on the uncertainties that are often associated with data and models.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786206145
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 280
Weight: kg


Ziegler, M., Finkbeiner, T., Massiot, C. and Goteti, R. The quest for high fidelity, accurate geomechanical models and the research leading to it  

Lundstern, J.-E. Recent advances in characterizing the crustal stress field and future applications of stress data: perspectives from North America  

Coblentz, D., van Wijk, J., Carmichael, J., Johnson, C., Delorey, A., Chai, C., Maceira, M. and Richardson, R. M. New approaches to an old problem: addressing spatial gaps in the World Stress Map  

Ask, M., Pierdominici, S. and Rosberg, J.-E. Image analysis of acoustic data and interpretation of rock stress orientations for geothermal exploration in Gothenburg borehole GE-1, SW Sweden  

Lundstern, J.-E., Beaucé, E. and Teran, O. J. The importance of nodal plane orientation diversity for earthquake focal mechanism stress inversions  

Baroň, I., Melichar, R., Sokol, L., Rowberry, M., Plan, L. and Stemberk, J. 3D active fault kinematic behaviour reveals rapidly alternating near-surface stress states in the Eastern Alps  

Musolino, M., King, R., Holford, S. and Hillis, R. Quantifying inaccuracies in vertical stress determination methods in sedimentary basins; a case study of deep coal-bearing strata in the Cooper Basin, Australia  

Kurison, C. and Woldeamanuel, M. B. Natural fracture density controls productivity in shale Reservoirs  

Peña Clavijo, S., Dash, A., Baby, G., Alafifi, A. M. and Finkbeiner, T. Modelling principal stress orientations in the Arabian Plate using plate velocities  

Gradmann, S., Olesen, O., Keiding, M. and Maystrenko, Y. The 3D stress field of Nordland, northern Norway – insights from numerical modelling  

Gallardo-Giozza, G., Espinoza, D. N. and Torres-Verdín, C. Effects of elastic anisotropic models on the prediction of horizontal stresses and hydraulic fracture geometry  





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