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Meandering Streamflows: Patterns and Processes across Landscapes and Scales

Product Code: SP540
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by A. Finotello, P.R. Durkin and Z. Sylvester
Publication Date: 25 September 2024 (not yet published)
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Special Publication 540

This title is a work in progress. Selected articles are available online from the Lyell Collection.

This volume focuses on similarities and differences of meandering patterns across various landscapes and scales. It explores how different processes are expressed in the kinematics, morphology, sedimentology, and stratigraphic architecture of meandering streams. Results from various fields and environments are combined to describe the state-of-the-science on meandering patterns.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786205971
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Weight: kg


Finotello, A., Durkin, P. R. and Sylvester, Z. Meandering streamflows across landscapes and scales: a review and discussion 

Kleinhans, M. G., McMahon, W. J. and Davies, N. S. What even is a meandering river? A philosophy-enhanced synthesis of multilevel causes and systemic interactions contributing to river meandering 

McMahon, W. J., Herron, S. T., Craig, J. A. and Davies, N. S. Mud retention in hydrologically closed basins promoted pre-vegetation meandering: evidence from the Neoproterozoic Diabaig Formation, Scotland 

Sgarabotto, A., Bellizia, E., Finotello, A., D’Alpaos, A., Lanzoni, S., Boaga, J., Cassiani, G. and Ghinassi, M. Reconstructing sediment distribution in meandering river deposits through a simplified numerical modelling approach, with applications to the Holocene deposits of the Venetian Plain (Italy) 

Yan, N., Colombera, L. and Mountney, N. P. Sediment preservation and accretion rates of fluvial meander-belt deposits: variations with temporal scale and river size 

Barrera, M. and Ielpi, A. Floodplain organic-carbon dynamics modulated by meandering-channel migration: Vermilion River, Ontario, Canada 

Gao, P. and Li, Z. Exploring meandering river cutoffs 

Speed, C. M., Sylvester, Z., Morris, P. D. and Mohrig, D. The impact of post-cutoff bend curvature on channel kinematics in meandering rivers: an example from the Trinity River, Texas, USA 

Chamberlin, E. P. Evaluating controls on scroll bar spacing and morphology: comparing chute channel and main channel scroll bar development 

Kozarek, J. L., Limaye, A. B. and Arpin, E. Comparing turbulent flow and bank erosion with controlled experiments in a field-scale meandering channel 

Koyuncu, B. and Le, T. B. Modelling shear stress distribution in ice-covered streams 

Morris, P. D., Sylvester, Z., Covault, J. A., Mohrig, D. and Dunlap, D. Fluvial-style migration controls autogenic aggradation in submarine channels: Joshua Channel, eastern Gulf of Mexico 

Lemay, M., Grimaud, J.-L., Cojan, I., Rivoirard, J. and Ors, F. Submarine channel stacking patterns controlled by the autogenic 3D kinematics of meander bends 

Choi, K. S., Jo, J. H., Kim, D. H., Sohn, S. Y. and Bang, S. H. Morphodynamics of macrotidal channels in Korean tidal flats: implications for the role of monsoon precipitation and the stratigraphic architecture of tidal point bars 





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