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Online Application - User Details

Thank you for your interest in joining the Geological Society.  Please ensure you have read the guidance notes and Regulations for the grade of membership you are applying for before you complete the online application form.

If you were a Candidate Fellow or Junior Candidate Fellow and want to upgrade your membership to Fellow or Candidate Fellow respectively, you will need to download the relevant membership application form and send the completed form to us.

*Please note if you are applying for a postgraduate rate you will be put forward for election in September 2017 and if you qualify before then you will need to apply at the correct payment rate for your age.


Please log in if you are already registered.

Date Of Birth

Please select the date using the calendar or enter the date manually (DD/MM/YYYY).  If you use the calendar and wish to scroll by year, please click on the month, year header.


We collect this to data to help us improve the products and services that we offer to our members.

Nationality Other

We collect this to data to help us improve the products and services that we offer to our members.

Home address*

School/University/Work address

Fellowship Options

Please tick if you have previously been a Fellow or Candidate Fellow

Mailing Options

Please select which address journals and correspondence should be sent:

Please include my address and email in the online Fellowship Directory
Please keep me informed of Society activities by e-mail newsletter

Fellowship Fees

Junior Candidate Fellow

Annual fee

Candidate Fellow

Annual fee
One-off fee for duration of full-time undergraduate course


Annual Fellowship fees are calculated according to age at 31 December 2017.

Aged 27 & under  £72.00
Aged 28 - 33
Aged 34 - 59
Aged 34 - 59 outside Europe 
Aged 60 - 64 
Aged 65 - 69
Aged 70 or over
Full-time postgraduate MSc
Full-time postgraduate Phd

There is a £20 admission fee for Fellow applications.  This does not apply if you are a full-time postgraduate or if you were a previous Fellow of the Society.