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Tectonic Evolution of the Oman Mountains

Product Code: SP392
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by H.R. Rollinson, M.P. Searle, I.A. Abbasi, A. Al-Lazki and M.H. Al-Kindi
Publication Date: 04 April 2014
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Special Publication 392

The Oman Mountains contain one of the world’s best- exposed and best-understood fold–thrust belts and the largest, best-exposed and most intensively studied ophiolite complex on Earth. This volume presents new international research from authors currently active in the field focusing on the geology of the Oman Mountains, the foreland region, the carbonate platforms of Northern and Central Oman and the underlying basement complex. In addition there is a particular focus on geoconservation in the region. The volume is divided into three main sections that discuss the tectonics of the Arabian plate using insights from geophysics, petrology, structural geology, geochronology and palaeontology; the petrology and geochemistry of the Oman Ophiolite and the sedimentary and hydrocarbon systems of Oman, drawing on the geophysics, structure and sedimentology of these systems. The volume is enhanced by numerous colour images provided courtesy of Petroleum Development Oman.

Published online 13/03/2014. Print copy available from 04/04/2014.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-378-3
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 471
Weight: 1.2 kg


ROLLINSON, H. R., SEARLE, M. P., ABBASI, I. A., AL-LAZKI, A. I. & AL KINDI, M. H. Tectonic evolution of the Oman Mountains: an introduction

Overview – Oman’s Geological heritage

SEARLE, M. P. Preserving Oman’s geological heritage: proposal for establishment of World Heritage Sites, National GeoParks and Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)

Tectonics of the Arabian Plate

AL-LAZKI, A. I., AL-DAMEGH, K. S., EL-HADIDY, S. Y., GHODS, A. & TATAR, M. Pn-velocity structure beneath Arabia–Eurasia Zagros collision and Makran subduction zones

AL-KWATLI, M. A., GILLOT, P. Y., LEFE`VRE, J. C., HILDENBRAND, A. & KLUSKA, J.-M. Magma genesis controlled by tectonic styles in the northern part of the Arabia plate during Cenozoic time

PICKFORD, M., GHEERBRANT, E., SEN, S., ROGER, J. & SULAIMANI, Z. Palaeogene non-marine molluscs from Oman: implications for the timing of uplift of the Dhofar Plateau and the opening of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden

RANTAKOKKO, N. E., WHITEHOUSE, M. J., PEASE, V. & WINDLEY, B. F. Neoproterozoic evolution of the eastern Arabian basement based on a refined geochronology of the Marbat region, Sultanate of Oman

COOPER, D. J. W., ALI, M. Y. & SEARLE, M. P. Structure of the northern Oman Mountains from the Semail Ophiolite to the Foreland Basin

COWAN, R. J., SEARLE, M. P. & WATERS, D. J. Structure of the metamorphic sole to the Oman Ophiolite, Sumeini Window and Wadi Tayyin: implications for ophiolite obduction processes

Petrology of the Oman Ophiolite

KUSANO, Y., HAYASHI, M., ADACHI, Y., UMINO, S. & MIYASHITA, S. Evolution of volcanism and magmatism during initial arc stage: constraints on the tectonic setting of the Oman Ophiolite

KOEPKE, J., BERNDT, J., HORN, I., FAHLE, J. &WOLFF, P. E. Partial melting of oceanic gabbro triggered by migrating water-rich fluids: a prime example from the Oman Ophiolite

KANEKO, R., ADACHI, Y. & MIYASHITA, S. Origin of large wehrlitic intrusions from the Wadi Barghah to Salahi area in the northern Oman Ophiolite

KANKE, N. & TAKAZAWA, E. A kilometre-scale highly refractory harzburgite zone in the mantle section of the northern Oman Ophiolite (Fizh block): implications for flux melting of oceanic lithospheric mantle

ROLLINSON, H. Plagiogranites from the mantle section of the Oman Ophiolite: models for early crustal evolution

BOUDIER, F. & AL-RAJHI, A. Structural control on chromitite deposits in ophiolites: the Oman case

Sedimentary and Hydrocarbon Systems of Oman

HEWARD, A. P. & PENNEY, R. A. Al Khlata glacial deposits in the Oman Mountains and their implications

SALAD HERSI, O., ABBASI, I.A., AL-HARTHY, A., CHERCHI, A. & SCHROEDER, R. Stratigraphic evolution and depositional system of Lower Cretaceous Qishn Formation, Dhofar, Oman

ABBASI, I. A., SALAD HERSI, O. & AL-HARTHY, A. Late Cretaceous Conglomerates of the Qahlah Formation, north Oman

LACINSKA, A. M., STYLES, M. T. & FARRANT, A. R. Near-surface diagenesis of ophiolite-derived conglomerates of the Barzaman Formation, United Arab Emirates: a natural analogue for permanent CO2 sequestration via mineral carbonation of ultramafic rocks

ALSHARHAN, A. S. Petroleum systems in the Middle East

AL-KINDI, M. H.&RICHARD, P. D. The main structural styles of the hydrocarbon reservoirs in Oman

RICHARD, P., BAZALGETTE, L.&AL-KINDI, M. North Oman fault geometries in outcrops, analogues and subsurface



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