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GroundwaterWater hidden underground is vital in many regions, but can also cause flooding.

Water Resources: Find out where the water needed for every part of our lives comes from and how it is managed.

Water Hardness: Why does water taste different in areas with different rock types?

Flooding: Why does flooding happen, and how can we protect ourselves?


Water as a career

An understanding of groundwater and surface water is important to Earth scientists in many fields. Find out more on our careers pages:


Flooding Resources

Why does flooding happen? How do you mitigate the effects of flooding? Find out more about flooding with our collection of online resources from across our website.

Open Access Papers: Water

A selection of popular papers covering a diverse range of watery topics, available for free as Open Access on the Lyell Collection.

2016 Year of Water: Meeting Resources

Themed years are at the heart of the Society’s Science Strategy, and 2016 was the Year of Water, with a programme of events that explored a wide range of water-related geoscience through research conferences, lectures, our education programme and other activities.

Geology for Society: Water

Find out about the importance of water to our society, in our resource aimed at policy and decision-makers as well as the wider public.

100 Great Geosites

100 Great Geosites: Water

Explore watery locations from our list of 100 great geological sites across the UK and Ireland, featuring some of the most diverse and beautiful geology in the world.

Coastal Geosites: 10 stunning coastal sites including beaches, cliffs, coves and arches.

Loughareema: A mysterious 'disappearing lake' near Ballycastle, Northern Ireland.

Malham Cove: A spectacular natural limestone formation formed by Ice Age meltwater in the Yorkshire Dales, England.

Gaping Gill: A 98 metre deep cave, formed by rainwater dissolving limestone.

Bath Spa: Thermal hot springs formed by hot water rising from great depths to the surface in Somerset, England.

Resources from other organisations


UK Groundwater Forum: Resources and ebook

Groundwater is a source of drinking water for millions of people in the UK. It supports our rivers and wetlands and the plants and wildlife that exist in and around them. But groundwater is under threat from our increasing water needs, pollution & climate change.

Find out more about groundwater and the issues that affect this important natural resource, or download the ebook 'Groundwater: Our hidden asset'


Hydrological Outlook UK

Forecasts of groundwater levels and river flows across the UK, updated each month and focusing on the next 3 months.