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Resources: Rocks & Fossils


Resources from the Geological Society


The Rock Cycle: How do rocks form and why are they important?

Dinosaurs: What exactly is a Dinosaur and what do palaeontologists know about them?

Fossils: How do they form and what can they tell us about ancient life on Earth?

Volcanoes: What is a volcano and how do they form? 

Mineral Resources: How are minerals used in our everyday lives?


Online interactive resource: The Rock Cycle

A web resource for UK Key Stage 3 (3rd-4th Level) science students, with interactive animations, UK case studies and quizzes. Find out how surface and deep Earth processes produce the rocks we stand on, and use to build our homes.

Presentations & Activity Sheets

Have a look at our new selection of activity sheets and presentations.


What are fossils? How do they form? Why are they important?

Fossils factsheet

Fossils presentation

Fossils activity



What is a dinosaur? When did they live? What were the different types of dinosaur.

Dinosaur presentation

Dinosaur activity

Dinosaur footprint activity

Mary Anning factsheet

Mary Anning factsheet

Mary Anning was a famous fossil hunter from the 19th century. Find out about her life and her remarkable discoveries in our Mary Anning factsheet.


Education Resources: Mining and minerals

Almost everything in the modern world uses minerals or their by-products in some way. Find out how geologists explore for mineral deposits, how they are mined and some unexpected uses!

100 Geosites

100 Great Geosites

Explore our list of 100 great geological sites across the UK and Ireland, featuring some of the most diverse and beautiful geology in the world and spanning most of geological time.


Earth scientists talk about their latest discoveries:

Exceptionally preserved fossils | Salt Tectonics | Glories of Mud


Articles & blog posts

Hunting Pterosaurs (Geoscientist, July 2015)

Finding our marbles (Geoscientist, May 2015)

Into the Volcano (Geoscientist, Feb 2016)

Iron from the sky (Geoscientist, April 2014)

Resources from other organisations


Virtual Microscope

The Open University virtual microscope collections include a full range of rock types native to Earth and beyond, plus minerals and fossils, all linked to maps and resources. Rocks can be viewed as hand specimens and under an interactive online microscope.

British Geological Survey: Make-a-Map

A simple interactive geological map of the British Isles for amateur geologists, students and teachers. View the main rock units with accompanying timecharts, create custom maps highlighting specific rocks, or print outlines for students to colour in.


British Geological Survey Maps

Small and medium scale maps of UK geology, available for free in several formats. The iGeology smartphone app lets you take geological maps wherever you go. The Maps Portal has high resolution scans of maps and sections, including 1:63,360/1:50,000 scale maps of England, Wales & Scotland.


Jurassic Coast Fossil Finder

A database of around 1,000 fossils from the Jurassic Coast Museums. You can search for a particular fossil by its common name, or browse the fossils by type.

Teaching Resources from

Activities and lesson plans that can easily be modified for the classroom. Topics include astronomy, earthquakes and volcanoes, plate tectonics, erosion, water, maps, rocks and minerals, and weather.