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Resources: Energy


Resources from the Geological Society

energy resources factsheets

Energy Resources

What are energy resources? What's the difference between renewable and non-renewable energy and why is this important? Find out about different energy resources in our factsheets,  presentations & activities.


Geology for Society: Energy

The need for transition to a low-carbon economy is urgent, but as we manage this change, we will continue to be dependent for many more years on fossil fuels. Find out how geoscientists contribute to a broad range of energy fields, from renewable energy to fracking and radioactive waste disposal, in our resource aimed at policy and decision-makers as well as the wider public.

Careers in Energy

Geologists and engineers are employed in the hydrocarbons and nuclear industries, and the growing field of unconventional energy, from wind to hydrothermal power. Read career profiles and explore career options in the energy sector.

Shale Gas & Fracking

What is Hydraulic Fracturing ('Fracking')? What safety measures are in place and can it cause earthquakes? Find out more in our resources for policy and decision-makers as well as the wider public.

Resources from other organisations


Energy Literacy

Free classroom resources & videos from the American Geosciences Institute, offering an interdisciplinary approach to teaching & learning about global energy flows and systems. An energy literate person knows how much energy they use and where it comes from, can make informed decisions and assess the credibility of information about energy.

Virtual Experiments

Interactive animated experiments from the Earth Science Teachers' Association (ESTA). Topics include rock strength, metamorphism, resistivity, porosity, permeability, speed of cooling, boreholes and earthquakes.