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Geology in Space: Meteorites and Cosmic Dust

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Geology no longer is the study of the Earth. Rocks are found throughout the universe on other planets, asteroids and comets and as debris ranging in size down to the tiniest pieces of stardust.

In this lecture Matt Genge, a planetary scientist and geologist from Imperial College London, discussed the geology of space, recorded in meteorites and cosmic dust, showing that the principles of geology still hold true far beyond the bounds of our home world.

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Speaker: Matthew Genge

Matthew Genge is a planetary scientist and geologist, and has been a Senior Lecturer at Imperial College London since 2002. He previously worked in the Meteorites Division at the Natural History Museum.

He has served as a member of the cosmic dust subcommittee of NASA CAPTEM, and as adviser to the UK Government's Near Earth Objects Information Centre. He was also a Member of the NASA STARDUST Mission's preliminary examination team. In 2006, an asteroid was named in honour of Matthew by the International Astronomical Union.

Geology in Space: Meteorites and Cosmic Dust


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Date: 18 June 2014

Venue: The Geological Society, Burlington House, London

Speaker: Matthew Genge (Imperial College)


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