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Melanges: Processes of Formation and Societal Significance

Product Code: USPE480
Series: GSA Special Papers
Author/Editor: Edited by John Wakabayashi and Yildirim Dilek
Publication Date: 30 August 2011
£ 23.00
List price: £ 23.00

Interpretation of Three-Dimensional Seismic Data - Memoir 42, 7th Edition

Product Code: 1025
Series: AAPG Memoirs
Author/Editor: By Alistair R. Brown
Publication Date: 25 August 2011
£ 83.00
List price: £ 83.00
Fellow's price: £ 71.50
Other societies price: £ 60.00

Geological Field Trips in Central Western Europe: Fragile Earth International Conference, Munich, September 2011

Product Code: UFLD22
Series: GSA Field Guides
Author/Editor: Edited by Sara Carena, Anke M. Friedrich, and Bernd Lammerer
Publication Date: 15 August 2011
£ 13.00
List price: £ 13.00

Martian Geomorphology

Product Code: SP356
Series: GSL Special Publications
Author/Editor: Edited by M R Balme, S Gupta, C Gallagher and A Bargery
Publication Date: 11 August 2011
£ 100.00
List price: £ 100.00
Fellow's price: £ 50.00
Other societies price: £ 60.00

Arctic Petroleum Geology

Product Code: M0035
Series: GSL Memoirs
Author/Editor: Edited by A M Spencer, A F Embry, D L Gautier, A Stoupakova and K Sorensen
Publication Date: 09 August 2011
£ 200.00
List price: £ 200.00
Fellow's price: £ 100.00
Other societies price: £ 120.00

Basic Geological Mapping

Product Code: WB004
Series: Wiley-Blackwell titles
Author/Editor: by Richard J Lisle, Peter Brabham & John W Barnes
Publication Date: 01 August 2011
Out of stock
£ 25.50
List price: £ 25.50

Fossils of the Whitby Coast: A Photographic Guide

Product Code: MPWHT
Series: Miscellaneous titles
Author/Editor: by Dean R. Lomax (with photography by Benjamin Hyde and illustrations by Nobumichi Tamura)
Publication Date: 01 August 2011
£ 15.00
List price: £ 15.00
Fellow's price: £ 13.50

The Life and Work of Professor J. W. Gregory FRS (1864-1932): Geologist, Writer and Explorer

Product Code: M0034
Series: GSL Memoirs
Author/Editor: by B E Leake
Publication Date: 28 July 2011
£ 75.00
List price: £ 75.00
Fellow's price: £ 37.50
Other societies price: £ 45.00

The Geology of Thailand (Hardback)

Product Code: GOTHH
Series: GSL Geology of
Author/Editor: Edited by M F Ridd, A J Barber and M J Crow
Publication Date: 15 July 2011
£ 100.00
List price: £ 100.00
Fellow's price: £ 50.00
Other societies price: £ 60.00

A Revised Correlation of Carboniferous Rocks in the British Isles

Product Code: SR026
Series: GSL Special Reports
Author/Editor: by C.N. Waters et al.
Publication Date: 13 July 2011
Out of print

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