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Antarctic Palaeoenvironments and Earth-Surface Processes

Product Code: SP381
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by M.J. Hambrey, P.F. Barker, P.J. Barrett, V. Bowman, B. Davies, J.L. Smellie & M. Tranter
Publication Date: 04 December 2013
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Special Publication 381.

The volume highlights developments in our understanding of the palaeogeographical, palaeobiological, palaeoclimatic and cryospheric evolution of Antarctica. It focuses on the sedimentary record from the Devonian to the Quaternary Period. It features tectonic evolution and stratigraphy, as well as processes taking place adjacent to, beneath and beyond the ice-sheet margin, including the continental shelf.

The contributions in this volume include several invited review papers, as well as original research papers arising from the International Symposium on Antarctic Earth Sciences in Edinburgh, in July 2011. These papers demonstrate a remarkable diversity of Earth science interests in the Antarctic. Following international trends, there is particular emphasis on the Cenozoic Era, reflecting the increasing emphasis on the documentation and understanding of the past record of ice-sheet fluctuations. Furthermore, Antarctic Earth history is providing us with important information about potential future trends, as the impact of global warming is increasingly felt on the continent and its ocean.

This volume (and SP383 Antarctica and Supercontinent Evolution) results from an agreement with the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) for books resulting from SCAR’s Earth Science activities. This agreement promotes and encourages greater understanding of, and education in, the Antarctic Earth sciences. These volumes are from the International Symposium on Antarctic Earth Sciences in Edinburgh in August 2011. 

Published online 16/10/2013. Print copy available from 04/12/2013.

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 Antarctica and Supercontinent Evolution

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-363-9
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 506
Weight: 1.3 kg



HAMBREY, M. J. & DAVIES, B. J. Antarctic Palaeoenvironments and Earth-Surface Processes in context

A. Palaeozoic and Mesozoic evolution of the Antarctic Continent

ELLIOT, D. H. The geological and tectonic evolution of the Transantarctic Mountains: a review

FOLEY, D. J., STUMP, E., VAN SOEST, M., WHIPPLE, K. X. & HODGES, K. V. Differential Movement across Byrd Glacier, Antarctica, as indicated by Apatite (U–Th)/He thermochronology and geomorphological analysis

MAESTRO, A., LóPEZ-MARTíNEZ, J. & BOHOYO, F. Mesozoic to recent evolution of intraplate stress fields under multiple remote stresses: The case of Signy Island (South Orkney Microcontinent, Antarctica) 

BRADSHAW, M. A. The Taylor Group (Beacon Supergroup): the Devonian sediments of Antarctica

REGUERO, M. A., TAMBUSSI, C. P., CORIA, R. A. & MARENSSI, S. A. Late Cretaceous dinosaurs from the James Ross Basin, West Antarctica 

SAUCEDE, T., PIERRAT, B., BRAYARD, A. & DAVID, B. Palaeobiogeography of Austral echinoid faunas: a first quantitative approach

B. Cenozoic glaciation and impacts

JADWISZCZAK, P. Taxonomic diversity of Eocene Antarctic penguins: a changing picture   

BARKER, P. F., LAWVER, L. A. & LARTER, R. D. Heat-flow determinations of basement age in small oceanic basins of the southern central Scotia Sea

WHITE, D. A. Cenozoic landscape and ice drainage evolution in the Lambert Glacier–Amery Ice Shelf system  

HALL, B. L., DENTON, G. H., STONE, J. O. & CONWAY, H. History of the grounded ice sheet in the Ross Sea sector of Antarctica during the Last Glacial Maximum and the last termination       

STRAND, K., KöYKKä, J. & LAMMINEN, J. Late Eocene Glaciofluvial to Glaciomarine transition in the Lambert Graben: constraints from lithofacies and mineralogy of ODP Site 1166 sediments, Prydz Bay, Antarctica  

PEKAR, S. F., SPEECE, M. A., WILSON, G. S., SUNWALL, D. S. & TINTO, K. J. The Offshore New Harbour Project: deciphering the Middle Miocene through Late Eocene seismic stratigraphy of Offshore New Harbour, western Ross Sea, Antarctica 

ANDERSON, J. B., KIRSHNER, A. E. & SIMMS, A. R. Constraints on Antarctic Ice Sheet configuration during and following the Last Glacial Maximum and its episodic contribution to sea-level rise

HOCHMUTH, K. & GOHL, K. Glaciomarine sedimentation dynamics of the Abbot glacial trough of the Amundsen Sea Embayment shelf, West Antarctica    

SPRENK, D., WEBER, M. E., KUHN, G., ROSéN, P., FRANK, M., MOLINA-KESCHER, M., LIEBETRAU, V. & RöHLING, H.-G. Southern Ocean bioproductivity during the last glacial cycle – new detection method and decadal-scale insight from the Scotia Sea 

VAUTRAVERS, M. J., HODELL, D. A., CHANNELL, J. E. T., HILLENBRAND, C.-D., HALL, M., SMITH, J. & LARTER, R. D. Palaeoenvironmental records from the West Antarctic Peninsula drift sediments over the last 75 ka

PANT, N. C., BISWAS, P., SHRIVASTAVA, P. K., BHATTACHARYA, S., VERMA, K., PANDEY, M. & IODP EXPEDITION 318 Scientific Party. Provenance of Pleistocene sediments from Site U1359 of the Wilkes Land IODP Leg 318 – evidence for multiple sourcing from the East Antarctic Craton and Ross Orogen

C. Glacial and periglacial processes

ATKINS, C. B. Geomorphological evidence of cold-based glacier activity in South Victoria Land, Antarctica 

MARCHANT, D. R., MACKAY, S. L., LAMP, J. L., HAYDEN, A. T. & HEAD, J. W. A review of geomorphic processes and landforms in the Dry Valleys of southern Victoria Land: implications for evaluating climate change and ice-sheet stability   

DAVIES, B. J., GLASSER, N. F., CARRIVICK, J. L., HAMBREY, M. J., SMELLIE, J. L. & NÝVLT, D. Landscape evolution and ice-sheet behaviour in a semi-arid polar environment: James Ross Island, NE Antarctic Peninsula  

BALKS, M. R., LóPEZ-MARTíNEZ, J., GORYACHKIN, S. V., MERGELOV, N. S., SCHAEFER, C. E. G. R., SIMAS, F. N. B., ALMOND, P. C., CLARIDGE, G. G. C., MCLEOD, M. & SCARROW, J. Windows on Antarctic soil–landscape relationships: comparison across selected regions of Antarctica

ASTHANA, R., SHRIVASTAVA, P. K., BEG, M. J., SWAIN, A. K., DHARWADKAR, A., ROY, S. K. & SRIVASTAVA, H. B. Sedimentary processes in two different polar periglacial environments: Examples from Schirmacher Oasis and Larsemann Hills, East Antarctica

HALL, K. Periglacial processes and landforms of the Antarctic: a review of recent studies and directions

KONFAL, S. A., WILSON, T. J. & HALL, B. L. Palaeoshoreline records of glacial isostatic adjustment in the Dry Valleys region, Antarctica

KANAO, M., MAGGI, A., ISHIHARA, Y., STUTZMANN, E., YAMAMOTO, M.-Y. & TOYOKUNI, G. Characteristic atmosphere–ocean–solid earth interactions in the Antarctic coastal and marine environment inferred from seismic and infrasound recording at Syowa Station, East Antarctica

MORA, C., VIEIRA, G. & RAMOS, M. Evaluation of Envisat ASAR IMP imagery for snow mapping at varying spatial resolution (Deception Island, South Shetlands – Antarctica) 



Matthew Pound

Published Geoscientist Online August 2015

Overall, this volume of the Geological Society’s Special Publications is an excellent addition to any desk, bookshelf or library.  It covers a wonderful breadth of topics without any lack of depth.  As entertaining and interesting as it is useful, I would recommend it to anybody with research interests on the Earth’s coldest continent.

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