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Thick-Skin-Dominated Orogens: From Initial Inversion to Full Accretion

Product Code: SP377
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by M. Nemčok, A. Mora & J.W. Cosgrove
Publication Date: 23 October 2013
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Special Publication 377

This volume studies the driving dynamic for thick-skin tectonics. It evaluates the role of various factors that control the development of thick-skin architecture. The studied driving dynamics include individual plate movement rates, overall convergence rates, orogen movement sense with respect to mantle flow and pro-wedge versus retro-wedge location. Numerous internal factors that influence the architecture of thick-skinned dominated orogens have been considered. These include the role of the rheology of the deforming layers, the presence or absence of potential detachment horizons, basement buttresses, crustal thickness variations, inherited strength contrasts and the impact of pre-existing anisotropy in thick-skin orogenic deformation. External factors discussed include the role of both syn-tectonic erosion and deposition in deformation.

The study areas begin with worldwide examples and close with a detailed coverage of the Northern Andes natural laboratory, which is characterized by particularly robust data coverage.

Published online 08/10/2013. Print copy available from 23/10/2013.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-358-5
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 482
Weight: 1.2 kg



NEMČOK, M., MORA, A. & COSGROVE, J. Thick-skin-dominated orogens; from initial inversion to full accretion: an introduction

KOBER, M., SEIB, N., KLEY, J. & VOIGT, T. Thick-skinned thrusting in the northern Tien Shan foreland, Kazakhstan: structural inheritance and polyphase deformation

MORETTI, I., CALLOT, J. P., PRINCIPAUD, M. & PILLOT, D. Salt pillows and localization of early structures: case study in the Ucayali Basin (Peru)

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BABAULT, J., TEIXELL, A., STRUTH, L., DRIESSCHE, J. V. D., ARBOLEYA, M. L. & TESóN, E. Shortening, structural relief and drainage evolution in inverted rifts: insights from the Atlas Mountains, the Eastern Cordillera of Colombia and the Pyrenees

NEMČOK, M., GLONTI, B., YUKLER, A.& MARTON, B. Development history of the foreland plate trapped between two converging orogens; Kura Valley, Georgia, case study

JIMENEZ, L., MORA, A., CASALLAS, W., SILVA, A., TESÓN, E., TAMARA, J., NAMSON, J., HIGUERA-DíAZ, I. C., LASSO, A. & STOCKLI, D. Segmentation and growth of foothill thrust-belts adjacent to inverted grabens: the case of the Colombian Llanos foothills

MORENO, N., SILVA, A., MORA, A., TESÓN, E., QUINTERO, I., ROJAS, L. E., LOPEZ, C., BLANCO, V., CASTELLANOS, J., SANCHEZ, J., OSORIO, L., NAMSON, J., STOCKLI, D. & CASALLAS, W. Interaction between thin- and thick-skinned tectonics in the foothill areas of an inverted graben. The Middle Magdalena Foothill belt

TESÓN, E.,MORA, A., SILVA, A., NAMSON, J., TEIXELL, A., CASTELLANOS, J., CASALLAS, W., JULIVERT, M., TAYLOR, M., IBÁÑEZ-MEJĺA, M. & VALENCIA, V. A. Relationship of Mesozoic graben development, stress, shortening magnitude, and structural style in the Eastern Cordillera of the Colombian Andes

BAYONA, G., CARDONA, A., JARAMILLO, C., MORA, A., MONTES, C., CABALLERO, V., MAHECHA, H., LAMUS, F., MONTENEGRO, O., JIMENEZ, G., MESA, A. & VALENCIA, V. Onset of fault reactivation in the Eastern Cordillera of Colombia and proximal Llanos Basin; response to Caribbean–South American convergence in early Palaeogene time

CABALLERO, V., MORA, A., QUINTERO, I., BLANCO, V., PARRA, M., ROJAS, L. E., LOPEZ, C., SÁNCHEZ, N., HORTON, B. K., STOCKLI, D. & DUDDY, I. Tectonic controls on sedimentation in an intermontane hinterland basin adjacent to inversion structures: the Nuevo Mundo syncline, Middle Magdalena Valley, Colombia

CABALLERO, V., PARRA, M., MORA, A., LÓPEZ, C., ROJAS, L. E. & QUINTERO, I. Factors controlling selective abandonment and reactivation in thick-skin orogens: a case study in the Magdalena Valley, Colombia

SILVA, A., MORA, A., CABALLERO, V., RODRIGUEZ, G., RUIZ, C., MORENO, N., PARRA, M., RAMIREZ-ARIAS, J. C., IBÁÑEZ, M. & QUINTERO, I. Basin compartmentalization and drainage evolution during rift inversion: evidence from the Eastern Cordillera of Colombia

MORA, A., REYES-HARKER, A., RODRIGUEZ, G., TESóN, E., RAMIREZ-ARIAS, J. C., PARRA, M., CABALLERO, V., MORA, J. P., QUINTERO, I., VALENCIA, V., IBAÑEZ, M., HORTON, B. K. & STOCKLI, D. F. Inversion tectonics under increasing rates of shortening and sedimentation: Cenozoic example from the Eastern Cordillera of Colombia

HERMESTON, S. & NEMČOK, M. Thick-skin orogen–foreland interactions and their controlling factors, Northern Andes of Colombia



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