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Conjugate Divergent Margins

Product Code: SP369
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by W.U. Mohriak, A. Danforth, P.J. Post, D.E. Brown, G.C. Tari, M. Nemčok & S.T. Sinha
Publication Date: 13 September 2013
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Special Publication 369

The main focus of the book is the geological and geophysical interpretation of sedimentary basins along the South, Central and North Atlantic conjugate margins, but concepts derived from physical models, outcrop analogues and present-day margins are also discussed in some chapters. There is an encompassing description of several conjugate margins worldwide, based on recent geophysical and geological datasets. An overview of important aspects related to the geodynamic development and petroleum geology of Atlantic-type sedimentary basins is also included. Several chapters analyse genetic mechanisms and break-up processes associated with rift-phase structures and salt tectonics, providing a full description of conjugate margin basins based on deep seismic profiles and potential field methods.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-349-3
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 568
Weight: 1.45 kg


MOHRIAK, W. U., DANFORTH, A., POST, P. J., BROWN, D. E., TARI, G. C., NEMčOK, M. & SINHA, S. T. Conjugate divergent margins: an introduction

South Atlantic

ALMEIDA, J., DIOS, F., MOHRIAK, W. U., VALERIANO, C. D. M., HEILBRON, M., EIRADO, L. G. & TOMAZZOLI, E. Pre-rift tectonic scenario of the Eo-Cretaceous Gondwana break-up along SE Brazil–SW Africa: insights from tholeiitic mafic dyke swarms

GERALDES, M. C., MOTOKI, A., COSTA, A., MOTA, C. E. & MOHRIAK, W. U. Geochronology (Ar/Ar and K–Ar) of the South Atlantic post-break-up magmatism

ASLANIAN, D. & MOULIN, M. Palaeogeographic consequences of conservational models in the South Atlantic Ocean

MOULIN, M., ASLANIAN, D., RABINEAU, M., PATRIAT, M. & MATIAS, L. Kinematic keys of the Santos–Namibe basins

MACGREGOR, D. S. Late Cretaceous–Cenozoic sediment and turbidite reservoir supply to South Atlantic margins

USSAMI, N., CHAVES, C. A. M., MARQUES, L. S. & ERNESTO, M. Origin of the Rio Grande Rise–Walvis Ridge reviewed integrating palaeogeographic reconstruction, isotope geochemistry and flexural modelling

KUMAR, N., DANFORTH, A., NUTTALL, P., HELWIG, J., BIRD, D. E. & VENKATRAMAN, S. From oceanic crust to exhumed mantle: a 40 year (1970–2010) perspective on the nature of crust under the Santos Basin, SE Brazil

BLAICH, O. A., FALEIDE, J. I., TSIKALAS, F., GORDON, A. C. & MOHRIAK, W. Crustal-scale architecture and segmentation of the South Atlantic volcanic margin

QUIRK, D. G., HERTLE, M., JEPPESEN, J. W., RAVEN, M., MOHRIAK, W. U., KANN, D. J., NØRGAARD, M., HOWE, M. J., HSU, D., COFFEY, B. & MENDES, M. P. Rifting, subsidence and continental break-up above a mantle plume in the central South  Atlantic

GORDON, A. C., MOHRIAK, W. U. & BARBOSA, V. C. F. Crustal architecture of the Almada Basin, NE Brazil: an example of a non-volcanic rift segment of the South Atlantic passive margin

DAILLY, P., HENDERSON, T., HUDGENS, E., KANSCHAT, K. & LOWRY, P. Exploration for Cretaceous stratigraphic traps in the Gulf of Guinea, West Africa and the discovery of the Jubilee Field: a play opening discovery in the Tano Basin, Offshore  Ghana

MELLO, M. R., DE AZAMBUJA FILHO, N. C., BENDER, A. A., BARBANTI, S. M., MOHRIAK, W., SCHMITT, P. & DE JESUS, C. L. C. The Namibian and Brazilian southern South Atlantic petroleum systems: are they comparable analogues?

North Atlantic

LOUDEN, K., WU, Y. & TARI, G. Systematic variations in basement morphology and rifting geometry along the Nova Scotia and Morocco conjugate margins

DEHLER, S. A. & WELFORD, J. K. Variations in rifting style and structure of the Scotian margin, Atlantic Canada, from 3D gravity inversion

WITHJACK, M. O., SCHLISCHE, R. W., MALINCONICO, M. L. & OLSEN, P. E. Rift-basin development: lessons from the Triassic–Jurassic Newark Basin of eastern North America

POST, P. J., ELLIOTT, E. T., KLAZYNSKI, R. J., KLOCEK, E. S., DECORT, T. M., RICHES, T. J. Jr. & LI, K. US central Atlantic: new plays and petroleum prospectivity

TARI, G. & JABOUR, H. Salt tectonics along the Atlantic margin of Morocco

HARVEY, P. J. &MACDONALD, D. J. Pre-discovery seismic modelling and prediction of the Deep Panuke Late Jurassic carbonate bank gas discovery, offshore Nova Scotia

Continental Break-up Processes

NEMčOK, M., STUART, C., ROSENDAHL, B. R., WELKER, C., SMITH, S., SHEYA, C., SINHA, S. T., CHOUDHURI, M., ALLEN, R., REEVES, C., SHARMA, S. P., VENKATRAMAN, S. & SINHA, N. Continental break-up mechanism; lessons from intermediate- and fast-extension settings

PéREZ-GUSSINYé , M. A tectonic model for hyperextension at magma-poor rifted margins: an example from the West Iberia–Newfoundland conjugate margins

SIBUET, J.-C. & TUCHOLKE, B. E. The geodynamic province of transitional lithosphere adjacent to magma-poor continental margins

DIREEN, N. G., STAGG, H. M. J., SYMONDS, P. A. & NORTON, I. O. Variations in rift symmetry: cautionary examples from the Southern Rift System (Australia–Antarctica)

NEMčOK, M., SINHA, S. T., STUART, C. J., WELKER, C., CHOUDHURI, M., SHARMA, S. P., MISRA, A. A., SINHA, N. & VENKATRAMAN, S. East Indian margin evolution and crustal architecture: integration of deep reflection seismic interpretation and gravity modelling

MOHRIAK, W. U. & LEROY, S. Architecture of rifted continental margins and break-up evolution: insights from the South Atlantic, North Atlantic and Red Sea–Gulf of Aden conjugate margins

NEMčOK, M., HENK, A., ALLEN, R., SIKORA, P. J. & STUART, C. Continental break-up along strike-slip fault zones; observations from the Equatorial Atlantic


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