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Magnetic Methods and the Timing of Geological Processes

Product Code: SP373
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by L. Jovane, E. Herrero-Bervera, L.A. Hinnov & B.A. Housen
Publication Date: 28 August 2013
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Special Publication 373

Magnetostratigraphy is best known as a technique that employs correlation among different stratigraphic sections using the magnetic directions defining geomagnetic polarity reversals as marker horizons. The ages of the polarity reversals provide common tie points among the sections, allowing accurate time correlation. Recently, studies of magnetic methods and the timing of geological processes have acquired a broader meaning, now referring to many types of magnetic measurements within a stratigraphic sequence. Many of these measurements provide correlation and age control not only for the older and younger boundaries of a polarity interval, but also within intervals. Thus, magnetostratigraphy no longer represents a dating tool based only on geomagnetic polarity reversals, but comprises a set of techniques that includes measurements of geomagnetic field parameters, environmental magnetism, rock-magnetic properties, radiometric dating and astronomically forced palaeoclimatic change recorded in sedimentary rocks, and key corrections to magnetic directions related to geodynamics, palaeocurrents, tectonics and diagenetic processes. 


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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-354-7
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 408
Weight: 1.1 kg


JOVANE, L., HINNOV, L., HOUSEN, B. A. & HERRERO-BARVERA, E. Magnetic methods and the timing of geological processes

Integrated magnetostratigraphy

GUIDRY, E. P., RICHTER, C., ACTON, G. D., CHANNELL, J. E. T., EVANS, H. F., OHNEISER, C., YAMAMOTO, Y. & YAMAZAKI, T. Oligocene–Miocene magnetostratigraphy of deep-sea sediments from the equatorial Pacific (IODP Site U1333)

FIRTH, J. V., ELDRETT, J. S., HARDING, I. C., COXALL, H. K. & WADE, B. S. Integrated biomagnetochronology for the Palaeogene of ODP Hole 647A: implications for correlating palaeoceanographic events from high to low latitudes

JOVANE, L., SAVIAN, J. F., COCCIONI, R., FRONTALINI, F., BANCALA` , G., CATANZARITI, R., LUCIANI, V., BOHATY, S. M., WILSON, P. A. & FLORINDO, F. Integrated magnetobiostratigraphy of the middle Eocene–lower Oligocene interval from the Monte Cagnero section, central Italy

SAVIAN, J. F., JOVANE, L., BOHATY, S. M. & WILSON, P. A. Middle Eocene to early Oligocene magnetostratigraphy of ODP Hole 711A (Leg 115), western equatorial Indian Ocean

COCCIONI, R., SIDERI, M., BANCALA` , G., CATANZARITI, R., FRONTALINI, F., JOVANE, L., MONTANARI, A. & SAVIAN, J. Integrated stratigraphy (magneto-, bio- and chronostratigraphy) and geochronology of the Palaeogene pelagic succession of the Umbria–Marche Basin (central Italy)

Dating tectonic processes with magnetic methods

YAN, M., VAN DER VOO, R., FANG, X.-M. & SONG, C. Magnetostratigraphy, fence diagrams and basin analysis

FANG, X., LIU, D., SONG, C., DAI, S. & MENG, Q. Oligocene slow and Miocene–Quaternary rapid deformation and uplift of the Yumu Shan and North Qilian Shan: evidence from high-resolution magnetostratigraphy and tectonosedimentology

YAN, M., FANG, X., VAN DER VOO, R., SONG, C. & LI, J. Neogene rotations in the Jiuquan Basin, Hexi Corridor, China

ZHAO, X., ODA, H., WU, H., YAMAMOTO, T., YAMAMOTO, Y., YAMAMOTO, Y., NAKAJIMA, T.,KITAMURA, Y. & KANAMATSU, T. Magnetostratigraphic results from sedimentary rocks of IODP’s Nankai Trough Seismogenic Zone Experiment (NanTroSEIZE) Expedition 322

Relative palaeointensity for dating geological sequences

HABERZETTL, T., ST-ONGE, G., BEHLING, H. & KIRLEIS, W. Evaluating Late Holocene radiocarbon-based chronologies by matching palaeomagnetic secular variations to geomagnetic field models: an example from Lake Kalimpaa (Sulawesi, Indonesia)

HERRERO-BERVERA, E. & CAN˜O ´ N-TAPIA, E. On the directional geomagnetic signature of the Pringle Falls excursion recorded at Pringle Falls, Oregon, USA

HERRERO-BERVERA, E. & JOVANE, L. On the palaeomagnetic and rock magnetic constraints regarding the age of IODP 325 Hole M0058A

CAMINHA-MACIEL, G. & ERNESTO, M. Characteristic wavelengths in VGP trajectories from magnetostratigraphic data of the Early Cretaceous Serra Geral lava piles, southern Brazil

Palaeoclimatic changes from rock magnetic proxies

GUNDERSON, K. L., KODAMA, K. P., ANASTASIO, D. J. & PAZZAGLIA, F. J. Rock-magnetic cyclostratigraphy for the Late Pliocene–Early Pleistocene Stirone section, Northern Apennine mountain front, Italy

HINNOV, L. A., KODAMA, K. P., ANASTASIO, D. J., ELRICK, M. & LATTA, D. K. Global Milankovitch cycles recorded in rock magnetism of the shallow marine lower Cretaceous Cupido Formation, northeastern Mexico

ELLWOOD, B. B., BRETT, C. E., TOMKIN, J. H. & MACDONALD, W. D. Visual identification and quantification of Milankovitch climate cycles in outcrop: an example from the Upper Ordovician Kope Formation, Northern Kentucky

FRANCO, D. R. & HINNOV, L. A. Anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility and sedimentary cycle data from Permo-Carboniferous rhythmites (Parana´ Basin, Brazil): a multiple proxy record of astronomical and millennial scale palaeoclimate change in a glacial setting

ELLWOOD, B. B., LAMBERT, L. L., TOMKIN, J. H., BELL, G. L., NESTELL, M. K., NESTELL, G. P. & WARDLAW, B. R. Magnetostratigraphy susceptibility for the Guadalupian series GSSPs (Middle Permian) in Guadalupe Mountains National Park and adjacent areas in West Texas


Marek Lewandowski, Polish Academy of Sciences

Review was featured in Journal of Pure & Applied Geophysics.

The volume was published in 2013, but includes also papers published on-line dated 2012. Perfect legibility of figures, colour plates, interesting selection of topics and case studies, make this volume attractive for researchers in geomagnetism, palaeomagnetism, sedimentology and tectonics, as well as for post graduate students in the subjects of geology and geophysics.

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