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A Global Synthesis of the Ordovician System: Part 1

Product Code: SP532
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by D.A.T. Harper, B. Lefebvre, I. G. Percival, T. Servais
Publication Date: 07 June 2023
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Special Publication 532

The Ordovician was one of the longest of the geological periods, characterized by major magmatic and tectonic activity, an immense biodiversification, swings in climate and sea levels and the first Phanerozoic mass extinction. ‘A Global Synthesis of the Ordovician System’ is presented in two volumes in The Geological Society, Special Publications. This first volume (SP532) charts the history of the Ordovician System and explores significant advances in our understanding of its biostratigraphy, including more precise calibration of its timescale with tephra chronology and regional alignments using astrochronology and cyclostratigraphy. Changes in the world’s oceans, their shifting currents and sea levels, the biogeography of their biotas and the ambient climate are described and discussed against a background of changing palaeogeography. This first volume also includes syntheses of the Ordovician geology for most European countries, including historical key areas, such as Great Britain, Baltoscandia and Bohemia. The second volume (SP533) provides synthetic aspects of the Ordovician geology of most other parts of the world. 

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Related title: A Global Synthesis of the Ordovician System: Part 2 (Special Publication 533)

Cover - A Global Synthesis of the Ordovician System: Part 2 

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Published on the Lyell Collection 11/05/2023.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786205889
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 520
Weight: 1.25 kg


Harper, D. A. T., Lefebvre, B., Percival, I. G. and Servais, T. The Ordovician System: Key concepts, events and its distribution across Europe  

Conceptualizing the Ordovician Period

Harper, D. A. T., Meidla, T. and Servais, T. A short history of the Ordovician System: from overlapping unit stratotypes to global stratotype sections and points  

Goldman, D., Leslie, S. A., Liang, Y. and Bergström, S. M. Ordovician biostratigraphy: index fossils, biozones and correlation   

Sinnesael, M. Ordovician cyclostratigraphy and astrochronology

McLaughlin, P. I., Normore, L., Sell, B. K. and Ramezani, J. Ordovician tephra distribution, tephrochronology and geochronology  

Scotese, C. R. Ordovician plate tectonic and palaeogeographical maps

Servais, T., Harper, D. A. T., Kröger, B., Scotese, C., Stigall, A. L. and Zhen, Y.-Y. Changing palaeobiogeography during the Ordovician Period 

Young, S. A., Edwards, C. T., Ainsaar, L., Lindskog, A. and Saltzman, M. R. Seawater signatures of Ordovician climate and environment  

Pohl, A., Nardin, E., Vandenbroucke, T. R. A. and Donnadieu, Y. The Ordovician ocean circulation: a modern synthesis based on data and models 

Wellman, C. H., Cascales-Miñana, B. and Servais, T. Terrestrialization in the Ordovician

The Ordovician System in Europe

Molyneux, S. G., Harper, D. A. T., Cooper, M. R., Hollis, S. P., Raine, R. J., Rushton, A. W. A., Smith, M. P., Stone, P., Williams, M., Woodcock, N. H. and Zalasiewicz, J. A. A synopsis of the Ordovician System in its birthplace – Britain and Ireland  

Nielsen, A. T., Ahlberg, P., Ebbestad, J. O. R., Hammer, Ø., Harper, D. A. T., Lindskog, A., Rasmussen, C. M. Ø and Stouge, S. The Ordovician of Scandinavia: a revised regional stage Classification 

Meidla, T., Ainsaar, L., Hints, O. and Radzevičius, S. Ordovician of the Eastern Baltic palaeobasin and the Tornquist Sea margin of Baltica 

Trela, W. Stratigraphy and Sedimentary Record of the Ordovician System in Poland: a Review 

Lefebvre, B., Álvaro, J. J., Casas, J. M., Ghienne, J.-F., Herbosch, A., Loi, A., Monceret, E., Verniers, J., Vidal, M., Vizcaïno, D. and Servais, T. The Ordovician of France and neighbouring areas of Belgium and Germany 

Loi, A., Cocco, F., Oggiano, G., Funedda, A., Vidal, M., Ferretti, A., Leone, F., Barca, S., Naitza, S., Ghienne, J.-F. and Pillola, G. L. The Ordovician of Sardinia (Italy): from the ‘Sardic Phase’ to the end-Ordovician glaciation, palaeogeography and geodynamic context   

Kraft, P., Linnemann, U., Mergl, M., Bruthansová, J., Laibl, L. and Geyer, G. Ordovician of the Bohemian Massif 

Ferretti, A., Schönlaub, H. P., Sachanski, V., Bagnoli, G., Serpagli, E., Vai, G. B., Yanev, S., Radonjić, M., Balica, C., Bianchini, L., Colmenar, J. and Gutiérrez-Marco, J. C. A global view on the Ordovician stratigraphy of southeastern Europe  



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