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The Carboniferous Timescale

Product Code: SP512
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by S.G. Lucas, J-W. Schneider, X. Wang and S. Nikolaeva
Publication Date: 26 April 2022
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Special Publication 512

The print edition is published as 2 hardback volumes, parts A and B, and sold as a set.

The Carboniferous was the time of the assembly of Pangaea by the collision of the Gondwanan and Laurussian supercontinents, and the principal interval of the late Paleozoic ice ages. These tectonic and climatic events caused dramatic sea-level fluctuations and climate changes and produced a Carboniferous world that was diverse topographically and climatologically, perhaps only rivalled in that diversity by the late Cenozoic world. Furthermore, the Carboniferous was a time of the accumulation of vast coal deposits of great economic and societal significance. The temporal ordering of geological and biotic events during Carboniferous time thus is critical to the interpretation of some unique and pivotal events in Earth history. This temporal ordering is based on the Carboniferous timescale, which has been developed and refined for nearly two centuries. This book reviews the history of the development of the Carboniferous chronostratigraphic scale and includes comprehensive analyses of Carboniferous radioisotopic ages, magnetostratigraphy, isotope-based correlations, cyclostratigraphy and timescale-relevant marine and non-marine biostratigraphy and biochronology.

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Published online on the Lyell Collection 13/04/2022.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786205421
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 1016
Weight: 2.4 kg


PART A (pages 1 to 693)

Lucas, S. G., Schneider, J. W., Nikolaeva, S. and Wang, X. The Carboniferous timescale: an introduction

Carboniferous chronostratigraphy

Lucas, S. G., Schneider, J. W., Nikolaeva, S. and Wang, X. The Carboniferous chronostratigraphic scale: history, status and prospectus

Alekseev, A. S., Nikolaeva, S. V., Goreva, N. V., Donova, N. B., Kossovaya, O. L., Kulagina, E. I., Kucheva, N. A., Kurilenko, A. V., Kutygin, R. V., Popeko, L. I. and Stepanova, T. I. Russian regional Carboniferous stratigraphy

González, C. R. and Díaz Saravia, P. Proposed chronostratigraphic units for the Carboniferous and early Permian of the southwestern Gondwana margin


Hounslow, M. W. A geomagnetic polarity timescale for the Carboniferous

Isotope stratigraphy

Chen, J., Chen, B. and Montañez, I. P. Carboniferous isotope stratigraphy


Montañez, I. P. Current synthesis of the penultimate icehouse and its imprint on the Upper Devonian through Permian stratigraphic record

Marine biostratigraphy

Vachard, D. and Le Coze, F. Carboniferous smaller Foraminifera: convergences and divergences

Ueno, K. Carboniferous fusuline Foraminifera: taxonomy, regional biostratigraphy, and palaeobiogeographic faunal development

Angiolini, L., Cisterna, G. A., Mottequin, B., Shen, S.-Z. and Muttoni, G. Global Carboniferous brachiopod biostratigraphy

Ausich, W. I., Kammer, T. W. and Mirantsev, G. V. Carboniferous crinoids

Wang, X.-D., Yang, S.-R., Yao, L., Sugiyama, T. and Hu, K.-yi Carboniferous biostratigraphy of rugose corals

Nikolaeva, S. V. Carboniferous ammonoid genozones

PART B (pages 695 to 1001)

Barrick, J. E., Alekseev, A. S., Blanco-Ferrera, S., Goreva, N. V., Hu, K., Lambert, L. L., Nemyrovska, T. I., Qi, Y., Ritter, S. M. and Sanz-López, J. Carboniferous conodont biostratigraphy

Ginter, M. The biostratigraphy of Carboniferous chondrichthyans

Non-marine biostratigraphy

Eble, C. F. Appalachian coal bed palynofloras: changes in composition through time and comparison with other areas

Opluštil, S., Cleal, C. J., Wang, J. and Wan, M. Carboniferous macrofloral biostratigraphy: an overview

Schneider, J. W., Scholze, F., Ross, A. J., Blake, B. M. Jr and Lucas, S. G. Improved blattoid insect and conchostracan zonation for the Late Carboniferous, Pennsylvanian, of Euramerica

Amler, M. R. W. and Silantiev, V. V. A global review of Carboniferous marine and non-marine bivalve biostratigraphy

Lucas, S. G., Stimson, M. R., King, O. A., Calder, J. H., Mansky, C. F., Hebert, B. L. and Hunt, A. P. Carboniferous tetrapod footprint biostratigraphy, biochronology and evolutionary events

Lucas, S. G. Carboniferous tetrapod biostratigraphy, biochronology and evolutionary events

Index (pages 1003 to 1016)


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