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Stone in Historic Buildings: Characterization and Performance

Product Code: SP391
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by J. Cassar, M.G. Winter, B.R. Marker, N.R.G. Walton, D.C. Entwisle, E.N. Bromhead and J.W.N. Smith
Publication Date: 30 April 2014
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Special Publication 391

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There is considerable academic and practical interest in stone and stone buildings, as exemplified by the wide range of high-quality and innovative work being conducted in the pursuit of the effective preservation and restoration of historic buildings. This is reflected in the numerous publications on stone and stone buildings that regularly find their way into the public domain. Not least amongst these are a number of Geological Society Special Publications, which have appeared in recent years. This current volume seeks to bring to the attention of the various professionals in the field (geologists, architects, engineers, conservators and conservation scientists) recent work centred on the characterization and performance of this important resource and its use in historic buildings. The volume has wider relevance, including to those interested in the heritage of stone.


Published online 01/04/2014. Print copy available from 30/04/2014.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-376-9
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 200
Weight: 0.8 kg



CASSAR, J., WINTER, M. G., MARKER, B. R., WALTON, N. R. G., ENTWISLE, D. C., BROMHEAD, E. N. & SMITH, J. W. N. Introduction to stone in historic buildings: characterization and performance

PEREIRA, D. & COOPER, B. J. Building stone as a part of a World Heritage Site: ‘Piedra Pajarilla’ Granite and the city of Salamanca, Spain

TURMEL, A., FRONTEAU, G., THOMACHOT-SCHNEIDER, C., MOREAU, C., CHALUMEAU, L. & BARBIN, V. Stone uses in Reims Cathedral: provenance, physical properties and restoration phases

DE KOCK, T., DEWANCKELE, J., BOONE, M., DE SCHUTTER, G., JACOBS, P. & CNUDDE, V. Replacement stones for Lede stone in Belgian historical monuments

CALIA, A., SILEO, M. & MATERA, L. Provenance, characterization and decay of a porous calcarenite of the Puglia region (‘Pietra Gentile’)

FRATINI, F. & RESCIC, S. The stone materials of the historical architecture of Tuscany, Italy

BRISTOW, C. M. The geology of the building and decorative stones of Cornwall, UK

CORDINER, R. J. The variety and distribution of building stones used in the churches of West Sussex, England, from AD 950 to 1850

CALIA, A., LAURENZI TABASSO, M., MECCHI, A. M. & QUARTA, G. The study of stone for conservation purposes: Lecce stone (southern Italy)

ANDRÉ , M.-F., VOLDOIRE, O., VAUTIER, F., ROUSSEL, E., PHALIP, B. & MOREL, D. Impact of cement repointing on rates of sandstone decay in medieval churches of the French Massif Central

LAYCOCK, E. A. & WOOD, C. Understanding and controlling the ingress of driven rain through exposed, solid wall masonry structures



Review by Małgorzata Szczepaniak

Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Poland

Review featured Geologos 20-4

In my opinion, the present book is addressed to professionals and scientists such as architects, conservators and geologists who all deal with similar problems (e.g., preservation and restoration of historic buildings.

I definitely recommend the present volume; most papers constitute good, quite wide-ranging reviews of raw material from several regions, such as Cornwall, the Massif Central and Tuscany. Such case studies make this publication much more valuable.

Review by J R L Allen

Geoscientist vol 25/2 March 2015

….. a worthy successor to the Society’s previous Special Publications 205, 271, 331, 333 and 391 …

The production standard is high, except for most of the illustrations of thin-sections, which are too small to be of real use.

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