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Engineering Geomorphology: Theory and Practice

Product Code: WH002
Series: Whittles Publishing
Author/Editor: P. G. Fookes, Mark Lee and J. Griffith
Publication Date: 01 January 2007
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This significant new book by foremost experts in the field will be the first that truly covers the topic of engineering geomorphology as a distinct discipline and, as such, will be of paramount importance to both practitioners and students.

This book includes basic concepts that underpin efforts to explain the causes, mechanisms and consequences of landform change. It then considers how the land surface works in the context of wetland, flatland, hills, mountains, rivers and coasts; and the techniques that are available to the engineering geomorphologist in the field, in the laboratory, in the office and in the various forms of remote sensing.

Each succinct chapter is packed with vital information, well-illustrated with diagrams and tables and fully referenced so that the detail of subject matter can be followed up.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781904445388
Publisher: Whittles
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 312
Weight: 1.32 kg


Introduction. Basic Concepts: Energy Inputs and Geomorphological Activity. The Basics of Change: Stress, Strain and Strength. Earth Surface Systems. The Behaviour of Earth Surface Systems. System Controls: Geology; Engineering Soils; Mobile Sediments; Climate Variation; Sea-Level Change. The Nature of Change: Rates and Events. The Implications of Change: Hazards and Risks. Construction Resources: Aggregates. Engineering and Change: Environmental Impacts. Slopes: The Supply of Water and Sediment; The Role of Water; Soil Erosion by Water; Wind Erosion and Deposition; Landslides; Landslide Hazard and Risk; Karst Terrain. Rivers: The Drainage Basin; Water and Sediment Loads; Channel Form; Channel Change; Flooding; Flood Hazard and Risk; The Coast: Energy Inputs; Sediment Cells and Budgets; Hazard and Risk Assessment; Estuaries, Mudflats and Saltmarshes; Deltas; Fringing Beaches; Barrier Beaches; Dunes; Cliffs. Common Techniques: Methods of Investigation. Desk Study and Initial Terrain Models. Geographical Information Systems. Satellite Imagery and Aerial Photographs. Historical Research. Terrain Evaluation. Geomorphological Mapping. Measurement and Monitoring of Change. Dating Methods. Uncertainty and Expert Judgement. Further Reading


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