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A Revised Correlation of Carboniferous Rocks in the British Isles

Product Code: SR026
Series: GSL Special Reports - print copy
Author/Editor: by C.N. Waters et al.
Publication Date: 13 July 2011
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Special Report 26. 

This report is out of print. Individual chapters can be purchased electronically from GeoScienceWorld eBooks.

This report revises and expands upon the 1976 and 1978 publications for the Dinantian and Silesian, respectively, combining them into a single account of British and Irish Carboniferous stratigraphy.

The need to update the two Special Reports reflects the considerable advances in Carboniferous geology over the last 30 years. The report covers developments in international chronostratigraphy and incorporates wholesale reassessments of British lithostratigraphy. A huge volume of biostratigraphical information has been published over recent decades and the report summarizes the key information.

Carboniferous rocks have long been of economic importance, but it is the search for hydrocarbons, in its infancy at the time of the previous reports, which has greatly increased our understanding of Carboniferous successions offshore and at depth, particularly in southern and eastern England.

This Special Report will be a valuable reference for research and applied geoscientists working on rocks of Carboniferous age in the UK, Ireland and offshore areas.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1862393338
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781862393332
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 190
Weight: 0.7 kg


1: Introduction and scope of report, C. N. WATERS
2: Definitions of chronostratigraphic subdivisions: geochronology and event stratigraphy, C. N. WATERS
3: Biostratigraphy, C. N. WATERS, I. D. SOMERVILLE, M. H. STEPHENSON, C. J. CLEAL & S. L. LONG
5: South Wales, C. N. WATERS, R. A. WATERS, W. J. BARCLAY, J. R. DAVIES, N. S. JONES & C. J. CLEAL
6: Bristol, Mendips and Forest of Dean, C. N. WATERS, R. A. WATERS, N. S. JONES, C. J. CLEAL & J. R. DAVIES
7: South Midlands and Kent, C. N. WATERS, N. S. JONES & B. M. BESLY
8: North Wales, J. R. DAVIES, I. D. SOMERVILLE, C. N. WATERS & N. S. JONES
9: Southern Pennine Basin margin: West Midlands to Vale of Belvoir, J. H. POWELL, C. N. WATERS, N. S. JONES & C. J. CLEAL
10: Peak District and north Staffordshire, C. N. WATERS, N. S. JONES, J. D. COLLINSON & B. M. BESLY
11: Craven Basin and southern Pennines, C. N. WATERS, N. S. JONES, J. D. COLLINSON & C. J. CLEAL
12: Cumbria and the northern Pennines, C. N. WATERS, M. T. DEAN, N. S. JONES & I. D. SOMERVILLE
13: Northumberland Trough and Solway Basin, C. N. WATERS, M. T. DEAN, N. S. JONES & I. D. SOMERVILLE
14: Midland Valley of Scotland, C. N. WATERS, M. A. E. BROWNE, N. S. JONES & I. D. SOMERVILLE
15: North Sea and NW Approaches, C. N. WATERS, J. D. COLLINSON, D. MCLEAN & B. M. BESLY
16: Irish Sea (including Kish Bank), D. I. JACKSON, N. S. JONES & C. N. WATERS
17: Fastnet, Celtic Sea and St George’s Channel, C. N. WATERS
18: Northern Ireland, W. I. MITCHELL & I. D. SOMERVILLE
19: NW Ireland, I. D. SOMERVILLE & C. N. WATERS
20: Western Ireland, I. D. SOMERVILLE & C. N. WATERS
21: Dublin Basin, I. D. SOMERVILLE & C. N. WATERS
22: South Central Ireland, I. D. SOMERVILLE, C. N. WATERS & J. D. COLLINSON
23: South Munster Basin, C. N. WATERS & I. D. SOMERVILLE
24: Offshore Western Ireland, C. N. WATERS
25: International correlation, C. N. WATERS, I. D. SOMERVILLE & M. H. STEPHENSON


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