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A Revised Correlation of Cambrian Rocks in the British Isles

Product Code: SR025
Series: GSL Special Reports - print copy
Author/Editor: By A.W.A. Rushton, P.M. Brück, S.G. Molyneux, M. Williams and N.H. Woodcock
Publication Date: 06 June 2011
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Special Report 25.

This work reviews the correlation of the British and Irish Cambrian with the current (though incomplete) international standard for the Cambrian. Since the earlier edition of 1972, the basal and upper limits of the Cambrian system have been internationally agreed; so this account excludes Tremadocian rocks but includes some that were formerly considered Neoproterozoic. Half of the series and stage subdivisions are internationally agreed, but for the undefined divisions of the Cambrian the standard used here makes use of data from Avalonian successions.

Since the first edition was published, almost every aspect of the Cambrian in the British Isles has been subjected to new study. Here, the plate tectonic make-up of the British Isles is reviewed, new radiometric ages and isotopic studies are summarized and the biostratigraphy is enhanced by the study of acritarchs, especially in the Irish successions.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-332-X
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-332-5
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 62
Weight: 0.40 kg


Preface and Acknowledgements
1: Introduction, A. W. A. RUSHTON
2: Chronostratigraphical subdivisions of the Cambrian Period, A. W. A. RUSHTON
3: Biostratigraphical divisions, A. W. A. RUSHTON & S. G. MOLYNEUX
4: Cambrian chronology, M. WILLIAMS
5: Carbon isotope stratigraphy, M. WILLIAMS
6: Terranes in the British and Irish Cambrian, N. H. WOODCOCK
7: Welsh Basin, A. W. A. RUSHTON & S. G. MOLYNEUX
8: Midland Microcraton, A. W. A. RUSHTON
9: Monian Supergroup, A. W. A. RUSHTON, P. M. BRÜCK& M. WILLIAMS
10: Scotland: Hebridean Terrane, A. W. A. RUSHTON & S. G. MOLYNEUX
11: The Dalradian Supergroup in Scotland and Ireland, P. M. BRÜCK & A. W. A. RUSHTON
12: Cambrian of Ireland, P. M. BRÜCK & S. G. MOLYNEUX
Index of stratigraphical divisions


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