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Earthworks in Europe

Product Code: SPE26
Series: GSL Engineering Geology Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by T A Radford
Publication Date: 19 October 2012
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Engineering Geology Special Publication 26.

This volume provides an overview of developments in the design and construction of earthworks, in particular those associated with transport infrastructure. It includes case studies from across Europe, which summarize current design standards and national codes of practice. Geotechnical risk and performance are addressed with discussions on the long-term stability of cuttings and embankments, the causes of slope failure, and a variety of stabilization techniques including the introduction of drainage measures and electrokinetic geosynthetics. There is guidance on the specification for material testing, the practice of soil improvement, ground treatment, the reuse of materials and the use of engineered fill. Finally consideration is given to asset management and geotechnical data management, the effects of climate change and environmental impact so that performance-based design can be combined with carbon footprint and cost analysis.


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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-352-3
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 185
Weight: 0.95 kg


GRIFFITHS, J. S. & RADFORD, T. An introduction to earthworks in Europe

LAMONT, D. Revision of BS 6031: Code of practice for earthworks

HARRIS, A. J. & BOND, A. J. Stability of earthworks to Eurocode 7

PERRY, J. Geotechnical risk and performance: with a focus on earthworks compaction and data management

POWER, C. M., PATTERSON, D. A., RUDRUM, D. M. & WRIGHT, D. J. Geotechnical asset management for the UK Highways Agency

PARRY, L. N. The identification and management of cuttings at risk from deep-seated, delayed failure on the Highways Agency network

DAPENA, E. & PARRILLA, A. Spanish technical regulation for road construction

HERLE, V. Czech standards and specification for earthworks

GOMES CORREIA, A., QUIBEL, A. &WINTER, M. G. The work of ISSMGE TC3 (Geotechnics of pavements and how it links to earthworks

RUTTY, P. C. & JOHNSTON, T. P. Optimum use of material: selection of limits for suitable earthworks fill: Irish experience

PETKOVSˇEK, A. & MAJES, B. Overconsolidated clays and flysch for embankments in Slovenia

HODGSON, I. F., BEALES, S. P. & CURD, M. J. Use of tyre bales as lightweight fill for the A421 improvements scheme near Bedford, UK

KREST, F. Use of industrial by-products in earthworks in the Czech Republic

MACDONALD, G. J., VOOGHT, A. R. & PARKIN, S. The use of deep counterfort drains as an effective method of stabilizing cuttings constructed in overconsolidated clays

LAMONT-BLACK, J., HALL, J. A., GLENDINNING, S., WHITE, C. P. & JONES, C. J. F. P. Stabilization of a railway embankment using electrokinetic geosynthetics

MACDONALD, G. J., VOOGHT, A. R. & PARKIN, S. The use of soil moisture deficit as a trigger mechanism for targeted monitoring of earthworks slopes  

TOLL, D. G., MENDES, J., GALLIPOLI, D., GLENDINNING, S. & HUGHES, P. N. Investigating the impacts of climate change on slopes: field measurements 

O’RIORDAN, N. & PHEAR, A. Measuring and mitigating the environmental impact of earthworks and other geotechnical processes

PANTELIDOU, H., NICHOLSON, D., HUGHES, L., JUKES, A. &WELLAPPILI, L. Earthworks emissions in construction of a highway


Review by David Norbury

Published in Geoscientist Vol 22, September 2013

The papers presented cover a useful range of topical earthworks issues, providing an important statement of current considerations. The representation from around Europe could have been better, but there were external financial restrictions on such activities at the time.

This volume is required reading for those needing to get up to date on a range of earthworks design, construction and maintenance topics.

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