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Slope Engineering for Mountain Roads

Product Code: SPE24
Series: GSL Engineering Geology Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by G J Hearn
Publication Date: 07 December 2011
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This book provides a complete guide to the study, design, construction and management of landslide and slope engineering measures for mountain roads, with an emphasis on low-cost. The geographical focus of the book is on the tropics and sub-tropics, but is also highly relevant to other regions where heavy rain, steep slopes and weak soils and rocks combine to create slope instability. The causes and mechanisms of landslides are described, and the hazards they pose to mountain roads are illustrated. Methods of desk study, field mapping and ground investigation are reviewed and illustrated, with an emphasis on geomorphological and engineering geological techniques. The design and construction of alignments, earthworks, drainage, retaining structures, the stabilization of soil slopes and rock slopes, and the control of erosion on slopes and in rivers and streams are covered. Slope management as part of road maintenance and operation is reviewed, and procedures for risk assessment and works prioritization are described.


Some of the fine lines in Figure C7.31 on p. 267 became thicker in error; the correct Figure C7.31 is shown here.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-331-1
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-331-8
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 316
Weight: 1.0 kg


Foreword • Acknowledgements • How to use this book •

Part A – Landslides and Mountain Roads
HEARN, G. J. & HUNT, T. A1 Introduction
HEARN, G. J., HUNT, T. & WEEKES, R. A2 Project phasing and procurement in relation to slope management
HEARN, G. J. A3 Slope materials, landslide causes and landslide mechanisms
HEARN, G. J. A4 Landslide risk management for mountain roads

Part B – Site Investigation
HEARN, G. J. B1 Scope and programming
HEARN, G. J. B2 Desk studies
HEARN, G. J. B3 Field mapping
HUNT, T. & HEARN, G. J. B4 Ground investigation
HEARN, G. J. & HUNT, T. B5 Slope movement monitoring

Part C – Design and Construction
HEARN, G. J. & HUNT, T. C1 Route corridor and alignment selection
HEARN, G. J. & HUNT, T. C2 Earthworks
HEARN, G. J., HUNT, T. & D’AGOSTINO, S. C3 Soil slope stabilization
HEARN, G. J. C4 Rock slope stabilization
HUNT, T., HEARN, G. J. & D’AGOSTINO, S. C5 Retaining structures
HEARN, G. J. & HUNT, T. C6 Slope and road drainage
HEARN, G. J., HOWELL, J. & HUNT, T. C7 Erosion control

Part D – Slope Management
HEARN, G. J. & HUNT, T. D1 Slope management

Glossary of terms • Index


Review by D. F. VanDine

VanDine Geological Engineering Limited

The book is very well and clearly illustrated, with numerous useful and descriptive tables, maps, line drawings, and photographs, many of which are in color. All the maps and drawings were prepared by a single individual, and again the book benefits from consistency in format. Several specific important and useful topics are highlighted by means of shaded ‘‘text boxes.’’

Overall, I think most geologists and engineers who practice in the areas of landslides, and not only landslides related to low-cost and low-volume mountain roads in humid tropical and subtropical regions, would benefit by reading or referring to Slope Engineering for Mountains Roads. As most books these days, this one is pricey, but I think it is worth it.

Review by Marc Hendrickx

Principal Geologist, Marc Hendrickx and Associates Pty Ltd

This review was featured in Geological Society of Australia newsletter TAG

I am highly envious of the authors of this excellent book. In their well thought out, well-structured and wonderfully illustrated tome they have published a most useful book on engineering geology applied to the design, maintenance and assessment of mountain roads, one that I would have liked to have authored had I the time, patience and access to one of the best collections of landslide photographs and engineering geology illustrations I have seen in one place.

The text is supported throughout by an excellent collection of photographs, figures and tables. The authors are to be commended for the variety and sheer volume of photos and illustrations. Some photos are really quite stunning and they are well produced in colour. More to the point they are all relevant to the text and help expand on the excellent commentary.

Case studies are referenced throughout. These emphasise the practical nature of the text in seeking to provide users with practical guidance on the selection of remedial options for instance. They are brief and to the point and again supported by well-chosen photos often annotated to clearly show the features mentioned in the text.

One of the others things I enjoyed about the book was the practical no-nonsense approach to remediation and design. Many of the case studies have been collected from developing nations where funds for remedial works or for upfront design and construction of new roads are limited and common sense decisions that weigh practical factors of safety against the cost involved to implement them need to be made.

This book will be of great practical use to those responsible for maintaining and managing fragile slopes next to roads in misty mountains in all countries not just those found in the tropics. Congratulations again to the authors and editors.

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