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Weathering as a Predisposing Factor to Slope Movements

Product Code: SPE23
Series: GSL Engineering Geology Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by D Calcaterra and M Parise
Publication Date: 16 August 2010
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Engineering Geology Special Publication 23. Please scroll down for information on accessing content online.

This volume is intended to provide an up-to-date overview of the approaches, methodologies and techniques devoted to better understanding of the weathering conditions of rock masses on slopes. According to the local conditions, a variety of slope movements may take place and involve weathered rock masses. Shallow and rapid soil slips evolving to debris flows are probably the most common type of slope movement. At the same time, deep-seated, intermittent landslides can also affect large volumes of weathered rocks and soils. Despite the high frequency of landslides in weathered materials, and the damage and casualties they repeatedly cause, little is known about the relationship between weathering and slope movements. 

This book presents worldwide case studies, where a variety of geological and geomorphological settings are discussed. The content is divided into three sections: the first is devoted to broad aspects of the weathering/landslide processes; the second and third sections include papers dealing with igneous/metamorphic and sedimentary weathered rocks, respectively.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-297-8
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-297-7
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 248
Weight: 0.85 kg


CALCATERRA, D. & PARISE, M. Weathering as a predisposing factor to slope movements: an introduction •

Analysis of weathering processes, and their influence in predisposing instability

• OLLIER, C. D. Very deep weathering and related landslides • PICARELLI, L. & DI MAIO, C. Deterioration processes of hard clays and clay shales • MIGON, P. Mass movement and landscape evolution in weathered granite and gneiss terrains • ALONSO, E. E., PINEDA, J. A.& CARDOSO, R. Degradation of marls; two case studies from the Iberian Peninsula
HENCHER, S. R. & LEE, S. G. Landslide mechanisms in Hong Kong •

Weathering-related slope movements in crystalline and volcanic rocks

• CALCATERRA, D. & PARISE, M. Weathering in the crystalline rocks of Calabria, Italy, and relationships to landslides • DELMONACO, G., MARGOTTINI, C. & SPIZZICHINO, D. Weathering processes, structural degradation and slope–structure stability of rock-hewn churches of Lalibela (Ethiopia) • LATHAM, R. S.,WOOTEN, R. M., BILLINGTON, E. D., GILLON, K. A.,WITT, A. C., BAUER, J. B., FUEMMELER, S. J., DOUGLAS, T. J., KINNER, D. & WATERS-TORMEY, C. The Hunters Crossing weathered rock slide, Haywood County, North Carolina, USA • LACERDA, W. A. Shear strength of soils derived from the weathering of granite and gneiss in Brazil •

Weathering-related slope movements in sedimentary formations

• PÁNEK, T., HRADECKÝ , J., MINÁR, J. & ŠILHÁN, K. Recurrent landslides predisposed by fault-induced weathering of flysch in the Western Carpathians • YAMAKOSHI, T., MATHYS, N.& KLOTZ, S. Visual observation of erosion processes on the Black Marl badlands in the southern Alps, France • MEISINA, C. Relationship between the residual shear strength and the methylene blue value in weathered clay soils • Index


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