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Engineering Geology for Tomorrow's Cities

Product Code: SPE22
Series: GSL Engineering Geology Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by M G Culshaw, H J Reeves, I Jefferson and T Spink
Publication Date: 16 December 2009
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This book and the accompanying DVD provide a statement of our knowledge and understanding of engineering geology as applied to the urban environment at the start of the 21st century. In particular, this volume demonstrates that:

  • working standards originally developed nationally are becoming internationalized;
  • risk assessment, rather than just assessment of hazards, is driving decision-making;
  • geo-environmental change, whether climatically or anthropogenically driven, is becoming better understood;
  • greater use of underground space is being made;
  • the relentless advance of information technology is providing new opportunities for engineering geologists to interpret and visualize the subsurface.
This book shows that in developed and developing countries alike, engineering geolgists are increasingly exchanging ideas and learning from each other in a genuine two-way process. These ideas will contribute significantly to the sustainable development of both new and long-established urban environments world-wide.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-290-0
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-290-8
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 303
Weight: 1.10 kg


Foreword • Preface • Acknowledgements • Introduction • BELL, F. G., CULSHAW, M. G., FORSTER, A. & NATHANAIL, C. P. The engineering geology of the Nottingham area, UK • Geology of Megacities and Urban Areas • DE MULDER, E. & PEREIRA, J. J. Earth Science for the city • MARKER, B. R. Geology of megacities and urban areas • Legacy of the Past and Future Climate Change • REES, J. G., GIBSON, A. D., HARRISON, M., HUGHES, A. & WALSBY, J. C. Regional modelling of geohazard change • NATHANAIL, J. & BANKS, V. Climate change: implications for engineering geology practice • Urban Landslides • PETLEY, D. N. On the impact of urban landslides • Planning and Geohazards • MORA, S. Disasters are not natural: risk management, a tool for development • GIBSON, A. D. & CHOWDHURY, R. Planning and geohazards • Urban Site Investigation • CLAYTON, C. R. I. Urban site investigation • GREEN, J. A. & HELLINGS, J. Developments in urban site investigation • Dereliction, Pollution and Contaminated Land • NATHANAIL, C. P. The role of engineering geology in risk-based land contamination management for tomorrow’s cities • SCOTT, D. I. & HATHEWAY, A. W. The management of derelict, polluted and contaminated land • Environmental Urban Geotechnics • JEFFERSON, I. & BRAITHWAITE, P. Environmental urban geotechnics • Substructures and Underground Space • ROGERS, C. D. F. Substructures, underground space and sustainable urban environments • HUNT, D. & CHAPMAN, D. Substructures and underground space • Geodata for the Urban Environment • HACK, R. Advances in the use of geodata for the urban environment • REEVES, H. J. &WEST, T. R. Geodata for the urban environment • Infrastructure for the City and its Region • VIGGIANI, G. M. B. & DE SANCTIS, L. Geotechnical aspects of underground railway construction in the urban environment: the examples of Rome and Naples • SHARPE, L. & ALLENBY, D. Challenges for regional infrastructure: acceptable risk, prioritization of repair and vulnerability reduction • Resources for the City • SCHOUENBORG, B., TANG, L. & A ° KESSON, U. Resources for the city: sustainable use of bedrock resources for concrete production with examples from Sweden • CRIPPS, J. C. Resources for the city • The Future of Engineering Geology • TEPEL, R. E. The core attributes of engineering geology: a US perspective • GRIFFITHS, J. S. Engineering geology core values: a UK perspective • INOUE, D., OSHIMA, H., JSEG RESEARCH PLANNING COMMITTEE & JSEG INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE. A perspective on the future of engineering geology in the world, Asia and Japan • BOCK, H. Core values, competences and issues in engineering geology: a European perspective • BAYNES, F. J., GRIFFITHS, J. S. & ROSENBAUM, M. S. The future of engineering geology • Index


Allen W. Hatheway

Perhaps the greatest value of this manner of assembling proceedings is the collection of information in one volume and its included DVD replaces perhaps six volumes in the previous IAEG publication format, and so it becomes a valuably portable library for packing along on a trip or on field duty!

In summary, the editors have done a superb job of providing the profession with half a bookshelf of reference materials served up in just one compact volume in very readable format.

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