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Engineering Geology of Waste Disposal

Product Code: SPE11
Series: GSL Engineering Geology Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by S P Bentley
Publication Date: 19 December 1995
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This volume covers a wide spectrum of activities in the field of waste disposal. These activities range from design of new landfills and containment properties of natural clays to investigation, hazard assessment and remediation of existing landfills. Consideration is given to design criteria for hard rock quarries when used for waste disposal. 

In  addition, an entire section concerns the geotechnics of underground repositories. This covers  such topics as deep drilling, in situ stress measurement, rock mass characterization, groundwater flows and barrier design. 

Engineering Geologv of Waste Disposal  examines, in detail, the active role of engineering geologists in the design of waste disposal facilities on UK and international projects. The book provides an authoritative mix of overviews and detailed case histories. 

The extensive  spectrum of papers will be of practical value to those geologists, engineers and environmental scientists who are directly involved with waste disposal.


Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-897799-46-2
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-897799-46-8
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 576
Weight: 1.1 kg


Preface Acknowledgements • Section 1: Investigation, hazard assessment and remediation of existing landfills • A. H. MARSH & A. GARNHAM: Investigation, hazard assessment and remediation of existing landfills • N. G. MOSLEY & F. CROZIER: Application ofa geomembrane leak location survey at a UK waste disposal facility • F. G. BELL, A. J. SILLITO & C. A. JERMY: Landfills and associated leachate in the greater Durban area: two case histories • MAHMOUD & R. S. MORLEY: Engineering properties of two types of pulverized fuel ash • A. R. GRIFFIN: Engineering properties and disposal of gypsum waste • R. P. BEA VEN: Geotechnical and hydro geological properties of wastes • B. J. LLOYD: Avian botulism associated with a waste disposal site • K. MCSHANE & B. J. GREGORY: Remedial containment measures for a peat bog landfill site • B. T. A. J. DEGEN, I. K. DEIBEL & P. M. MAURENBRECHER: Survey and containment of contaminated underwater sediments • E. N. BROMHEAD, L. COPPOLA & H. M. RENDELL: Stabilization of an urban refuse dump and its planned extension near Ancona, Marche, Italy • J. M. REYNOLDS & D. I. TAYLOR: Use of geophysical surveys during the planning, construction and remediation of landifills • A. AL MASMOUM & S. P. BENTLEY: Application of the STRA T A3 visualization software to the investigation of landfill sites • R. A. FORTH & D. BEAUMONT: Coal carbonization in northeast England: investigating and cleaning-up an historical legacy • A. B. DI STEFANO: Settlement of Beddingham Landfill • Section 2: Consideration for the design of new landfills • P. LYLE, P. J. GIBSON, A. R. WOOD SIDE & W. D. H. WOODWARD: Pre-design evaluation of disused quarries as landfill sites • D. R. V. JONES: Waste disposal in steep-sided quarries: geomembrane-based barrier systems • D. C. MANN: Geological and other influences on the design of containment systems in hard rock quarries • A. FOYO & C. TOMILLO: Permeability considerations about rock foundation on waste disposal • M. TOWNEND & R. ALDRIDGE: A groundwater trace study using a fluorescent dye A. J. CROXFORD: Ground investigation and design for a landfill at Seater, Caithness • J. H. DIXON & S. P. BENTLEY: Stability considerations in landfilllining design • M. I. BRIGHT, S. F. THORNTON, D. N. LERNER & J. H. TELLAM: Laboratory investigations into designed high-attenuation landfillliners • S. J. MOLLARD, C. E. JEFFORD, M. G. STAFF & G. R. J. BROWNING: Geomembrane landfillliners in the real world • R. G. CLARK & G. DAVIES: The construction of clay liners for landfills • Section 3: Geotechnics of underground repositories • S. T. HORSEMAN & G. VOLCKAERT: Disposal of radioactive wastes in argillaceous formations • T. G. BALL, A. J. BESWICK & J. A. SCARROW: Geotechnical investigations for a deep radioactive waste repository: drilling • R. CHRISTIANS SON, J. A. SCARROW, A. P. WHITTLESTONE & A. WIKMAN: • Geotechnical investigations for a deep radioactive waste repository: in situ stress measurements • G. RAWLINGS, N. BARTON, F. L0SET, G. VIK, R. K. BHASIN, A. SMALLWOOD & N. DAVIES: Geotechnical core and rock mass characteriza­tion for the UK radioactive waste repository design • R. THOMAS, S. W. REES, B. KJARTANSON, A. W. L. WAN & N. A. CHANDLER: Modelling in situ water uptake in a bentonite-sand barrier • R. P. YOUNG: Application of induced seismicity to radioactive waste management programmes • J. ZHAO: Prediction of groundwater flow around an underground waste repository • R. CHRISTIANSON & R. JERNLAS: Storage of hazardous waste at shallow depth C. P. NATHANAIL: A geotechnical data management system for radioactive waste repository feasibility investigations • Section 4: Containment properties of natural clays • E. J. MURRA Y, D. W. RIX & R. D. HUMPHREY: Evaluation of clays as linings to landfill • J. ARCH, E. STEPHENSON & A. MALTMAN: Factors affecting the containment properties of natural clays P. A. CLAISSE & H. P. UNSWORTH: The engineering of a cementitious barrier • M. C. R. DAVIES, L. M. R. RAILTON & K. P. WILLIAMS: A model for adsorption of organic species by clays and commerciallandfill barrier materials • A. M. O. MOHAMED & R. N. YONG: Diffusion of contaminants through a clay barrier under acidic condition • N. J. LANGDON, M. J. AL HUSSAINI, P. J W ALDEN & C. M. SANGHA: An assessment of permeability of clay liners: two case histories • J. M. GRAY: The containment properties of glacial tills: a case study from Hardwick Airfield, Norfolk • M V. VILLAR & P. L. MARTIN: Suction controlled oedometric tests in montmorillonite clay: preliminary results • U. BOLTZE & M. H. DE FREITAS: Research into the mobility of a gas phase within a porous network • Section 5: Standards of landfill engineering • R. N. YONG: Waste disposal, regulatory policy and potential health threats • M. JEFFERIES, D. HALL, J. HINCHCLIFF & M. AIKEN: Risk assessment: where are we, and where are we going? • P. A. HART & 1. DAVEY: The protection of groundwaters from the effects of waste disposal • J. P. APTED, M. PHILPOTT & S. W. GIBBS: Development of a lined landfill site adjacent to a major potable supply river • P. M. MAURENBRECHER: Engineering geological and legal aspects involving proposals for a large waste disposal facility in The Netherlands. • D. ROCHE: Landfill failure survey: a technical note • D. G. TOLL: Educational issues in environmental geological engineering • Index 


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